Immersed In An Undeclared Civil War

By John T. Porter

Since the beginning of recorded history, we have read about and learned of the struggle of man’s desire to be free, to live his life as he wishes (without harming others), to pursue his own happiness, free from government control of his life, free from others who think they know best about how he should live. That struggle can properly be addressed as a civil war. Within our country it is not presently a shooting war, but a war never the less, between those of us desiring to be independently free and those who want to force us into the bondage of Socialism, a war between freedom and slavery, if you will. Socialism has always been nothing more than a sharing of misery. It has never been a sharing of prosperity, for in every nation on earth, past or present, the only people who prosper under Socialism are those in power.

That war has raged from Cain killing Abel to the present day and It will never end. Why? Because there will always be men trying to bend others to their will, to place them in slavery for their own gain. In a Socialist nation, the government leaders prosper while all others share in the misery. It will be taken from those who “can” and “do” and have earned much, and given to those who could but “won’t” and “don’t” and have earned little or nothing, resulting in all having little or nothing, a sharing of the misery. The natural human incentive to be competitively ambitious and to prosper will be die in the masses of people.

This is a war in which there can be no neutrality. One must stand on one side or the other. It is a war, not necessarily between Republicans and Democrats, but two opposing ideals, one of freedom to make your own choices by your own decisions and live with the results. If the results are unsatisfactory to you, change them. The other, having no choices of your own with all decisions made for you by a central government and forced to live with the results, if being unsatisfactory, you can not change them.

We have all witnessed this war reaching epic proportions in the United States within the past several years as on one side Barack Obama led, and is leading, the Socialist Army in an attempt to enslave you and me to the Federal government. Make no mistake about it, Barack Obama (he is not going away) and his socialist followers such as the Clintons, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, George Soros, Patrick Leahy, Elizabeth Warren, Corey Booker, just to name a few, since there are many more, still fully intend, and WILL turn the United States of America into the Socialist States of America unless they are stopped.

The opposing Freedom Army in this struggle has for many years been fighting without a leader. The American people have grown sick and tired of the political insiders who play by their own rules and reap the benefits of them. Yes, we elect people to public office, but because the political and media establishments are so hopelessly corrupt, we have been losing our representative government that our founding fathers intended. Our elected officials are so indebted to their financial donors they don’t dare represent you and me for fear of offending and upsetting their money train.

Enters presidential candidate Donald Trump, the flamboyant, glitzy, arrogant, political correctness be damned, real-estate billionaire who is not indebted to any big money donor, scaring to death the bias media and Washington political party big shots with his, “I’m after your playhouse” attitude, whether you like it or not. The explosion of this populist revolt has and is creating an enormous enthusiasm and support for this strong and confident man of the people, not man of the powerful. I have no doubt that he spoke the words the silent majority yearned to speak.

He, now as President Donald Trump and chosen leader of the Freedom Army, is taking the actions the silent majority hoped and believed he would take. I here share the frustration of Lawrence Sellin. “We are fed up with both political parties, who represent only themselves and are identical in their practice of crony capitalism, political expediency and lying: all used to solely increase their own personal power and profit and that of their wealthy donors at the expense of the American people and well being of the country. We are fed up with main stream media outlets that are nothing more than propaganda machines for the Democrat Party and the Republican establishment using disinformation and manipulation in a fashion comparable with Soviet-run journalism, collaborators in perpetuating a corrupt status quo.”

“The establishment is beside itself, dumbfounded, mouth agape trying to decipher the appeal of President Donald Trump to the masses of American people. I submit to you it is because they, the establishment, are completely separated from the people and divorced from the real America. Why do you suppose the establishment is trying to destroy President Donald Trump? It is precisely because that which the establishment fears and doesn’t understand, it seeks to destroy. “Like Lexington and Concord, President Donald Trump has provided a spark and a rally point for the American people to regain control of their government. If Donald Trump didn’t exist, he would have to be invented.”

As I have quoted before, “if we must die, let us stand tall and die on our feet fighting, and not on our knees in subjugation.” We must rededicate ourselves to the proposition that this is a country of Individual Freedom and a Free Market Enterprise, and be devoted to our Representative Constitutional Republic, and strengthen our resolve to keep it by winning this battle for the hearts and minds of men and women all across this nation against Socialism. We MUST hang on to our way of life and our Constitutional Republic with every fabric of our being. We MUST, being led by President Trump, return to the limited powers of government according to the United States Constitution. We MUST continue to resist those who want the government to become our master and we the slaves if we are to remain free individuals, making our own decisions and being responsible for ourselves. Our founding fathers won their battles and extended freedom to us. It is now our responsibility to keep it. The Socialist forces will not give our country back without a fight. We are in a life or death struggle for Individual Freedom.

We must support our leader President Trump, for the United States Constitution will become nothing more than a tiny heap of shredded paper if we fail to do so. Never doubt, we can become slaves to the government as well as a plantation owner. The choice is ours, make yours now or forever hold your peace.

Please, you have my permission to distribute in any way you deem necessary or wish.

Until next time,
John Porter

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  1. Mr. Porter may be old enough to remember Kris Kristofferson’s song, “Me and Bobbie McGee.” The chorus of that song includes the famous refrain “freedom’s just another name for nothing left to lose.” That seems to be the sort of freedom that he…and the so-called House Freedom Caucus…want to impose on poor and lower income working Americans. The proposal to repeal and replace the ACA is just one of the examples we can find coming from Congress that would give poor people…especially those between 50 and 64…the freedom to go without healthcare just as their bodies require more medical attention. One other target of these “freedom loving” members of Congress is to eliminate programs like Meals on Wheels that provide tangible support to folks who are desperate to continue to live in their own homes but are unable to prepare all their own food. I suppose Mr. Porter would counter that these folks…including thousands of disabled veterans…are just being given the opportunity to be free from food. On the other side of the coin, these freedom loving members of Congress want the oligarchs who rent them to be given the freedom to avoid paying taxes for all the benefits they get from government.

    • Rich K; Regarding the Meals on Wheels, do some research please.

      I heard that fake story on CBS this morning, so I decided to do a little research. ” It’s a fake story!!!” An excellent example is San Jose, Ca. They are given 2.3 Million dollars for the program and only spend a measly $100,650 on the program itself! Guess where the rest goes to?, all kinds of programs at their discretion, like legal aid, literacy programs and home repairs for the poor. Only 3% comes from the govt. 84% comes from individual donations from corporations.

      Quote “All in all, some local Meals on Wheels groups will likely have to make up revenue shortfalls through alternative sources or cut back on their services (like legal aid etc.) if funding cuts are made to the CDBG program and HHS, but the national Meals on Wheels program itself won’t be shut down.”
      It’s the local MoW groups who spend it on other than MoW
      CDBG is Community Development Block Grant program
      This is not some evil plan by Trump or the GOP to kill old people off!

    • Yes sir that koolaide is addicting. The irrelevant MSM and the leftist Socialists (big government) need to put forth those lies that republicans hate everyone and only the Socialists (bigger government) care about the poor. You did not (could not?) refute Mr. Porters statements about Socialism though did you?

    • Lawrence Sellin: “We are fed up with both political parties, who represent only themselves and are identical in their practice of crony capitalism, political expediency and lying: all used to solely increase their own personal power and profit and that of their wealthy donors at the expense of the American people and well being of the country. We are fed up with mainstream media outlets that are nothing more than propaganda machines for the Democrat Party and the Republican establishment using disinformation and manipulation in a fashion comparable with Soviet-run journalism, collaborators in perpetuating a corrupt status quo.” DITTO!
      Lawrence Sellins words with an added planned response to stop the corruption should be the Mission Statement of the fed-up silent majority that has now become the awoken sleeping giant….finally!

  2. Rich you seem to have swallowed the kool-aide of the msm. The cuts will hurt sure, but they will also free the people who have to PAY for the free stuff. If they want free health care aka obama care, it should be based IMO upon the ‘poverty level’ everyone likes. Below the level you get the aid, above you buy and then get tax credit. I buy my dental and vision ($1200/year) and get tax credit, so why not everyone else. They dont want med insurance, fine dont get sick/injured without. BHO scare is just that, remember when it was implemented over 20 million lost their private coverage that bho said they could keep just to insure supposedly 14 million who were without. If they go by the ‘poverty’ line than everyone will have it that needs it, and the rest will have the right to decide if they need it. The younger generation now did not pick up the mantel of needing insurance with bho scare and that is why in AZ the prices went up over 100%. Much of the fed $$ will be given to the states and they will be responsible for MoW and stuff like that. But then again you will need to get rid of the crooked politicians like the ones we currently have at all levels locally, and you know how that will go. Greedy and company will still suck the tit dry.

  3. The Oracle of Tucson | March 18, 2017 at 9:56 am |

    This isn’t really a budget aimed at hurting the poor, the down and out or the defenseless, in reality it’s more like an “intervention” into a dying family members finances. Had common sense been followed to begin with Vs. the repeated acts of fiscal suicide, these cuts wouldn’t seem so harsh. Besides this way, the radical looney left can pay for their own agendas with their own funds and stop robbing the public funds to promote their globalist anti-American agendas.


    • TOot, so true it ticks me off that the Left uses our hard earned money to promote their agendas meant to enslave us. It’s like we are paying for our own shackles.

  4. American citizens are on a precipice of utter destruction of the US Constitution and all of the decency that has been the unifying power since its inception. The polarization of our society has become undeniably profound. We must decide now if we are the wheat or the tares. If one is the wheat, one nourishes this country through hard work, supporting the laws of the land and our elected leaders. If a leader proves to be unacceptable, the wheat must eliminate him/her through the legal election process or through the courts if his/her actions broke any laws.
    One is a tare if one engages in fomenting rebellion, riots, shutting down freedom of speech or any constitutional laws, or threatens to kill or harm our duly elected officials.
    As a reminder, the wheat is gathered up into the barn, whereas the tares are gathered and burned.

  5. We need to change the anti-trust laws of the a hospital and Insurance Companies.

  6. I’ve made my decision long ago as to where I stand and the enemies of freedom and independence know well who I am. Mr. Porter’s assessment of the current situation are spot on. For some of us, the sheepdogs of society, drawing our “lines in the sand” comes naturally. For some, it never comes for they truly are, the sheep of society and we all know what happens to the sheep ultimately.

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