Big Bird Bummer: Sunday’s Comic

Elmo’s creators continue flipping U.S. taxpayers the “Big-Bird!”
By Arizona State Rep. Bob Thorpe

Cash Cow concept

After receiving a whopping $121.6 mil in 2016 revenue, liberals still demand that the NONPROFIT “Sesame Street Workshop” continue to receive taxpayer funding.

According to Mark Levin, included in its 2016 revenue were $49.6 mil in distribution fees & royalties and $36.6 mil in product licensing for toys, games, food, etc. In 2013 CEO & President Melvin Ming received $672,390 in salary and benefits (5 times the average for CEOs of nonprofits) and the other 10 executives were each paid  $382,132 in salary and benefits (6 times the U.S. median household income.) Between 2012-2014, head writer & puppeteer Joseph Mazarino was paid an incredible $2.2 mil. With these record revenues and a lavish, newly brokered HBO deal to exclusively air all new programming 9-months prior to PBS, Sesame Street just announced its newest puppet cast member: the “Cash Cow.”

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  1. Yes it really is time to let these folks get out on their own. Just think they get millions for their trademark products and endorsements yet they never have enough. It is time for the government to get out of all this stuff. Planned parenthood is another. Why is the government into giving them money then paying for any medical stuff they might do? All these places are a rip off and need to stand on their own or just go away.

  2. Back in the day I taught my children all they needed to know before starting school. So much more my 5 yr old went straight into 1st grade as her teachers thought her emotionally mature and was well versed in her numbers,alphabet,colors and shapes.
    I was also working but every morning before daycare/pre school, I had magnetic letters with simple words for them to learn, numbers for her to count and so on. I
    I had simple chores for them to do every morning before breakfast, at age 2 and 3 they made their beds and folded PJ’S under pillows. During the day picking up toys before dinner. They happily did them because that’s all they had ever known, it was “normal”.
    So Big Bird was not needed in my home, yet my hard earned money was supporting the rich bird, well I have one for them too.

  3. Jerome R Petruk | March 19, 2017 at 10:17 am |

    When a government provides financial support to anything, it is stating a bias towards that. Art should never be government supported.

  4. Listen to a Mom | March 19, 2017 at 1:59 pm |

    A representative from NEA (National Endowment of the Arts) appeared on Tucker Carlson explaining the need for artists to have “seed money.”

    How much more bird seed does Big Bird and friends need? The CEO isn’t scratching around for his next meal.

    Non-profit? Not hardly!

    Go to a toy store and see how many Sesame Street items are for sale. The profits are astronomical and PBS has annual fund raising drives for more of our money.

    Too many organizations have gotten used to holding their hands out for taxpayer dollars. It’s time to kick some of them out of the nest to let them fly on their own! Plenty of people donate their hard earned money to groups and organizations they deem worthy. Big Bird won’t starve and Sesame Street won’t disappear unless people are fed up and feel their value has waned. Lots of arrogance and expectations by many big “non-profits.” Perhaps they haven’t learned that being humble and grateful are virtues?

  5. “Art should never be government funded”; PBS is a lot more than just art. Sesame Street has done so much for young children when it comes to education for early learners, but it is okay to fund the wealthy with corporate welfare off of the backs of the young children, of the elderly, of the disabled, and the whole middle class. I have been hoping that the people that voted for Trump would come to see that this poser of a president is doing this country a disservice, but his budget and executive actions hasn’t personally hit you yet; so what he is doing doesn’t bother you yet. I would rather fund Planned Parenthood than pay all the taxes that it takes for him to take a vacation every weekend and the security for his adult children and Trump Tower. This is not right and it is a sin to screw the people of this country over health care, his weekly vacations, deregulation, dismantling of the EPA, and destroying education moreso than it is. All this to privatize everything and to make a buck off of the government in order to help the wealthy who do not need it. What he is doing makes the Gilded Age look like a blip on the radar screen; I am waiting for the fall in order for the wealthy to understand how the rest of us survives on less.

    • Taxpayers Money Watcher | March 19, 2017 at 9:00 pm |

      What a wonderful example of a knee jerk liberal reaction of a president and a proposed budget that finally takes we the taxpayers into consideration.

      I can’t remember Ceilia complaining about any of the vacations to Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard and the costs associated with those excess costs. How about the trips to Vail, Aspen, Spain, Africa etc? Not a peep from dear Cecilia and her ilk. Nancy Pelosi filling her military plane with booze and flying to CA most every weekend.

      The article gave plenty of facts and info as to why these type of programs have continued for ever due to mismanagement, and just maybe it is time to have some common sense injected as to how Washington spends our money. But don’t fret there will always be plenty of Cecilia’s to wring their hands and wail and whine about how we are becoming a nation of hard hearted, steely eyed grinches due to Trump. God fiscal responsibility is difficult to bring about with so many of the entitled having become accustomed to Big Government.

    • Of course a baby’s life means nothing to you, I am not surprised you would rather fund PP. I would rather take funding from PP and save a child’s life, to pay for the President’s trips to where ever. I would rather see the Arts funding taken to fund more trips for President Trump then to see our Lord Jesus in a glass of urine upside down, and they called that Art?
      You never squawked at all the trips obama and his entourage took now did you? and the babies continued to get butchered. Yep a real winner there for you. Now take a step back and support the President we have, not the Liar we had.
      Let’s see if obama will support you.Remember when he campaigned and said all our troubles were over, people said he would pay their mortgages and phone bill and utilities, hahaa what a trick he played on all of you, and you obviously still believe him!

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