Maricopa County Deputies Find Peoria Marijuana Grow

[Maricopa County Sheriff photos]

Maricopa County deputies were dispatched to 22222 N. 89th Avenue, Peoria, Arizona for a 911 call that a man was asking for help. After deputies arrived at the residence to make a welfare check, they discovered what appeared to be a marijuana “grow” and a man found sleeping near it the in the garage.

Three men were eventually removed from the property and detained without incident.

A search warrant was served and the residence was searched and 105 grams of heroin, 350 grams of meth and 22 marijuana plants were discovered on the property with an estimated street value of over $22,000.

Duane Bearden, age 36, admitted to having the marijuana plants and was arrested and will be charged with cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana, sell of dangerous drugs, possession of dangerous drugs and weapon misconduct.

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  1. I think the heroin and nearly a pound of meth are far more concerning. Maybe the headline should have been something about a drug house? What’s with the constant bias? ADI used to be a reasonable news source for local happenings. Now it’s just another agenda pushing blog that readers should be careful of.

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