The Mystery Novel


    David V MacCollum

President Donald Trump’s path as the Republican candidate to the White House reads like a mystery novel. The newspapers and media gave little thought that Donald Trump would become President. Even during the first weeks in office, his opponents did everything to erode and undermine the President’s agenda to make America great again!  The media and his opponents paid little attention of how the President was trying to implement his campaign promises. Over and over, Donald Trump’s message to attendees of his campaign rallies spoke of the existing programs he would end if elected President.  His political opponents conducted small gatherings of hacks that behaved like yapping small dogs, proclaiming that Donald Trump was not fit to become President. These opponents engaged in disrupting Trump rallies that sometimes became violent.

On November 8th, election day, the reporting media was so sure that Hillary Clinton would win that even throughout the evening, until nearly midnight they could not accept Donald Trump’s impressive electoral vote lead.  A few major states were too close to call until early on the morning of November 9th. The early morning count of over 306 electoral votes was a total shock to many.  The election results were clear and up to inauguration day, the media focused on the sore losers who continued to claim that Donald Trump will not be fit to be “my” President.  During this period between election and inauguration, President-elect Trump held “Thank you Rallies” where he again outlined the things he would do when he became President.  Anti-Trump disruptive protesters tried to create chaos while support for the President-elect grew.

On January 20th, the Inauguration Day in Washington D.C. was marred by violent protesters who rioted downtown, breaking windows and starting fires. Even a small town newspaper editor, with a Lilliputian mentality did not provide coverage of the inauguration as he would not accept Donald Trump is President. Within the first week, President Trump’s opponents became sore losers who proclaimed a policy of resistance to delay the appointment of the President’s cabinet, even while being the minority in the House and Senate.  The outgoing administration was quick to condone violent protesters.

As the new President moved forward with Executive Orders and nominations of cabinet members including a Supreme Court Justice, the media created “fake news.” Without constructive cooperation on common goals, these sore losers created every roadblock with the media support they could, to misinterpret the actions of the new President and be advocates for impeachment. It was as if the new administration became labeled by the outgoing administration as the evil faction of a fictional mystery novel. On 29 February, President Trump met with members of both the Senate and House, which was televised for the public. The President extended an outreach to the Democrats by listing the accomplishments his administration had made to date, to fulfill his campaign promises, and restated what was needed to make America Great Again.

The History of Donald Trump’s path to the White House is an amazing story. Early in March, President Trump announced on twitter that his opponents had wire-tapped his phones at his campaign headquarters in the Trump Tower. President Trump called for a congressional review, and refused to provide proof to the media of his wire-tapping allegation.  This action was a very wise move, as the media are not the ones who decide the merits of this case. This is the duty of our Congress to resolve the issue, and not the media who would distort the facts to support their agenda of resistance.

A fiction novel, The Write in Ballot was published in 2015, and written well-before Donald Trump started his path to become President. The story line of The novel concerns a congressional candidate, Charlie Horse, who was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives with an Internet campaign. The surprise landslide election of Charlie Horse foretold the same experience that Donald Trump received when inaugurated as our President. Both in the fictional story, Charlie Horse and in real life, Donald Trump faced the same vicious wrath of the sore losers as they implement their campaign promises to voters.

Our Constitution was designed to provide a process to ensure for a Congress to work together to make America Great Again. Our voters did not elect salaried, Democratic Congressional members to be opponents and engage in vicious warfare with fake news with a goal to derail our elected President and slander his staff. The opponents who rely in fiction found in novels to gain political power, is a disgrace and a threat to our freedom.  We do not need opponents to engage the media every day with new fictional “news” to distract the President’s administration in fulfilling their campaign promises. Our Congress should not function like an author of a fictional mystery.

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