Arizona Legislature Passes Compact For A Balanced Budget, Bill Heads To Governor

On March 27, 2017, the Arizona Senate passed the Compact for a Balanced Budget. The bill, HB2226, now heads to Governor Ducey for his signature.

HB2226 specifically calls for an Article V convention proposing the Balanced Budget Amendment for ratification.

“Today, with Speaker JD Mesnard’s leadership, the Arizona Senate joined the House in sending the Compact for a Balanced Budget to Governor Ducey for his signature. With the Governor’s signature, Arizona will become the 5th state to commit to ratifying a specific federal Balanced Budget Amendment – not just organizing an Article V convention to propose one. If you want to protect future generations from limitless federal power, the root to strike is the federal government’s unlimited borrowing power. The Balanced Budget Compact promises to finally impose a limit on Washington, DC’s credit card,” stated Nick Dranias, President and Executive Director of the Compact for America Educational Foundation.

During the debate on the Senate floor, Sen. Steve Farley, like a conspiracy theorist talking about chem trails, issued a grave warning to his fellow senators that a nefarious plot was afoot by Article V supporters. “This is the Big Kahuna,” he said before claiming that the Article V supporters wanted to eliminate the First and Second Amendments.

“Pursuant to Article V of the United States Constitution, two-thirds of the representatives in both houses of Congress or two-thirds of state legislatures may call a convention to amend the Constitution. Article V further states that the amendment is ratified when approved by either three-fourths of state legislatures or conventions in three-fourths of the states,” according to the Senate record.

“This is a great day for Compact for America and our prospects to get across the finish line with a constitutional amendment that will restore the Republic. Hopefully, it sends a strong signal to Congress the remaining 33 states we need to get behind the Balanced Budget Compact as the most plausible path to a Balanced Budget Amendment,” said Dr. Tom Patterson, Chairman of the Compact for America Educational Foundation; immediate past Chairman, Goldwater Institute; and former Majority (and Minority) Leader in the Arizona State Senate.

Conservative radio show host, James T. Harris, a staunch supporter of the Article V movement stated, “Not the same as the Final Four but close enough! Arizona is one of the few remaining free Western states! I am proud that we understand the power that the Constitution gives the states and are willing to use it to restore fiscal sanity to our Republic.”

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