Governor Signs Farley License Plate Bill, Touted As Major Victory

Arizona State Capitol Executive Tower [Wikimedia Commons]

Desperate for any win, Farley reaches across aisle to ban license plate covers

On Tuesday, Governor Ducey signed SB1073, a bill sponsored by Senator Steve Farley that prohibits motorists from obscuring the visibility of a license plate. The nearly inconsequential bill passed with bipartisan support.

Farley was first elected to the Arizona Legislature as State Representative from District 28 in November 2006. Since that time, he has had few legislative successes. As a result, the governor’s signing was touted as a major victory.

Currently, “license plates must be clearly visible and displayed on the rear of the vehicle. For vehicles that are issued two license plates, one plate must be displayed on the rear of the vehicle and the second may be displayed on the front (A. R. S. § 28-2354),” according to the Senate Fact Sheet.

Farley’s bill prohibits covering or altering license plates in any way that obscures the numbers, letters, year validating tags or issuing jurisdiction.

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