Arizona Leaders Tweet Comey Comments

Comey speaks at a ribbon cutting ceremony [Photo from FBI]

Some of Arizona’s leaders reacted quickly to the news that President Donald Trump informed FBI Director James Comey that he had been terminated and removed from office.

Sen. John McCain was quickest to pounce on Trump’s decision to fire Comey on the clear recommendations of both Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Sen. Jeff Flake was confused. Republican House members were silent. Congressmen Ruben Gallego and Raul Grijalva went on the attack.

Under Director Comey, the FBI fell into a state of chaos with marked deterioration in professionalism. [ADI photo]


    • Congresswoman Martha McSally (D-AZ) released a statement after President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey:

      “The timing of this decision to fire FBI Director James Comey is deeply concerning, especially in light of the ongoing Department of Justice’s investigation into Comey’s handling of the Clinton email scandal. That investigation–along with the FBI and House and Senate Intelligence Committee’s probes into Russian meddling–must continue. While FBI Director James Comey has been situationally attacked by both sides of the political spectrum, it is important for our national security and institutional integrity that all these investigations are completed without political interference.”

      Above is the quote from Mcsally. Where has she been but as a lowley citizen I thought Comey closed the book on the clinton investigation.

      As a practical matter Comey is clearly the Face of the FBI the agents doing the investigation are still on baord and I imagine are continuing their work.

      What would have happened if Comey had, god forbid had a heart attack?

      This is just one more shiney event used to distract.

  1. lets talk about the total silence of the conversation of Clinton on the airport tarmac… some grey pupon ?

  2. To all the Trump nay-sayers here is your message: We lived through eight years of Obama’s scandals, lies, deceit and over-spending and we were told to “deal with it” has he won. Well Get Over It and Deal With It – Trump Won!

  3. Cecilia – just so you know I didn’t invent the ‘fake news’ story that I posted earlier, the Justice Department denied, today, that Comey made such a request. They called it “fake news”.

  4. To all my Representatives and Senators “Your Fired” the next time I get to VOTE.
    The Russian connection is Mass Media and Democratic driven. The Democrats and Republican Rhinos are the ruin of America as not one of them know the Constitution even though they all swore to follow it and defend it. Hang in there folks it is going to get worst and keep your power dry!

  5. Well yes lets have an independent review of contacts with russia. Lets also INCLUDE hitlerys sale of US Uranium to them, also her so called foundation receiving support (aka donations for her run). They just cant stand to be in the light like the roaches they are yet they try to turn the light on on everyone else! Remember all these political APPOINTEES serve at the convenience of the president and commy was just one to start the out flow of incompetents. As to stumer and company, how can you tell they are lying? Just watch their lips move. Remember he was calling for his RESIGNATION about a month ago!

  6. James Comey got stuck on the fence and couldn’t get off.

    Unfortunately we don’t need the likes of John McCain criticizing anybody. We have the current border mess because of 25 years of “do nothing” John.

    Just proves he is a Democrat.

  7. Hey, Jeff Flake, I’ve been trying to come up with an acceptable rationale for you, Grijalva, John McCain, et. al. still being paid to be warts on the butt of society.

  8. Trump doesn’t give a flying fig about how Hillary was treated by Comey. This firing is all about Comey asking for more money for the investigation and how he may be getting closer to figuring out how the Russians and Trump are connected; especially with the Russians visiting the day after the firing. I lived through Watergate and this smells to high heaven no matter how they spin it. If you trumpster’s can’t see this for what this really is; I have a wall for sale that will never get built.

  9. God bless Trump for having the balls to sack an incompetent FBI Chief. The usual hysterical conspiracy nonsense from libs, and the CYA head in the sand comments from the Rinos of the state.

  10. As a non D., Or R., Let there be no doubt we MUST have Independent ( that me Independent) review and impeach Trump if he had knowledge of Russians interference period.

    Now that is AMERICAN!

  11. I lost all confidence in James Comey when during questioning by a committee he was asked how the average American citizen orders and receives a fire arm through the mail, he had no idea. Shortly after that, the murders in San Bernardino, CA, occurred, but he refused to call it an act of terror. Former Mayor and Prosecutor Rudy Giuliani said that if one cannot recognize that incident as an act of terror, one needs to get another job outside of law enforcement. I totally agreed with Giuliani & have been anticipating Comey’s firing since 9 NOV 2016. Why are the complaining Democrats & a few Republicans so slow on the uptake about the obvious?

  12. Cowardly not to face the man you’re firing, though. Plus more incompetent stage managing by the White House. Where’s the replacement nominee?

    I wish this Administration would finally find its sea legs and dampen down some of this constant unnecessary uproar.

  13. From what I’ve read, Juan McLame might want to pull in his horns a little about “Russian” influence in our elections.. May not b real, but there’s a report that the Russians turned him down for financial support when he ran for president.

    Who knows what the truth is anymore, but at least President Trump’s actions so far seem to be oriented to protecting America and Amerkicans, and that’s what we hired him to do.

    • I’ve got two words for McCain who touted about Comey’s “man of integrity” & other rubbish. Those two words are, “Keating Scandal.” What would McCain know about integrity, I ask you?

  14. Obama Republicans and the rest of the establishment pols jumping on the de-ligitimize President Trump train.

  15. The RINOs are out in full force, spouting the Democrat line. Are they now included on the talking point calls? Shameful. Save this article as your voting guide.

    • I guess trump is a rino to you since he believed there was russian interference as well

  16. Flake says he’s trying to find an acceptable rationale for Comey’s firing? How about his incompetence when it came to the Clinton email fiasco and him laying out the case against her with some very compelling evidence and then says no charges will be brought against her? How about him re-opening that same case just a few weeks ahead of the election causing more damage to a candidate and effecting the outome of an election far more than that Russians ever did. Jeff Flake will never get another vote from me and neither will John McCain or Marth McSally I will vote Democrat before I vote for them again and I have been a life long Republican

    • Apparently Sen Flake does not understand that any time is the right time to fire an incompetent, either that or, like the Dems, he thinks everything Trump does has an evil ulterior motive because he beat their heroes, Hillary and Obama, in the election and upset their plans. Sen McCain has joined the Dem witch hunt against Trump clearly because Trump questioned his bravery. When McCain smears his political opponents he always smiles and says politics ain`t bean bag” but when Trump smeared him, it`s time for a scorched earth retribution, a witch hunt, and the hell what that may do to the country.

  17. Well I for one am not surprised at this turn of events. After comey’s July ’16 announcement that he had cleared hillary and then came forth in a October surprise, I had serious doubts as to his competency. He was a waffler. I think he was easily bullied or bribed or the BM word into lying for the dems and hillary. I think he knows dang well that this whole Russian thing is nothing but BS put up by the democrats.

    Just a side note; Looked up Tombstone history yesterday and found this;
    Quote; “Under the surface were tensions that grew into deadly conflict. The mining capitalists and the townspeople were largely Republicans from the Northern states. Many of the ranchers (some of whom—like the Clantons—were also rustlers and/or other criminal varieties) were Confederate sympathizers and Democrats.”
    All I can say not much has changed when it comes to the democrat party.

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