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Hillary went way beyond a tin foil hat….

Carlson: Clinton Donned the ‘Trendy Tin Foil’ Hat Popularized by Democrats

Tucker Carlson said that Hillary Clinton spun a yarn of conspiracy theories about her election loss during a speech on Wednesday.

Carlson said that she donned “the trendy tin foil hat” he said Democrats have popularized since Trump’s election.

He pointed out that Clinton made the New York Times out to be a right-wing news source, and dismissed her email scandal as a “nothingburger.”

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  1. In hindsight she may be
    regretting not arranging an
    accident for James Comey.###

    The mainstream media could have
    immediately launched into a screed
    on how Trump was responsible for
    Comey’s demise.

    ###Perhaps knowing of the history
    of Clinton “accidents,” Comey was being
    particularly careful.

  2. Spot on JDFast She must make life miserable for Bill as a warm up for what she does to the public.

  3. She’s a proud democrat, a ever constant victim of the right. Sadly she’s married to Bill who’s unfortunately always been a victim of unwanted sexual advances from all those “forceful” attractive women recklessly assaulting the sanctity of their marriage.
    Sadly the abuse is multi generational, poor Chelsea has been the victim of while privilege her entire life, after her overpriced liberal collage indoctrination she was forced into running the impoverished Clinton Foundation for just pennies shy of a half million a year. Yes it’s the dream of every victim to work for a non profit, thankfully she’s safely landed on target.
    As for Hillary, it’s just terrible to have so much vision, venom and hatred for America’s and her people and still not get elected.
    Simply terrible….

    • Kudos from Hillary lovers on the Tucson City Council and the Mayor too. Hillary was heard to remark: “I couldn’t have explained it better myself”

  4. Clinton is a poison that just won’t go away. I have never seen anyone that will not accept her failure like Clinton. Its everyone else’s fault but hers. The Russians, the MSM, big business, Wall Street, etc. The list goes on and the beat from the idiot goes on. Wish she would just melt into the woods and never be heard from again. She has nothing to offer except poison.

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