Axe The Tax Formed To Stop Proposed New Oro Valley Property Tax In Prop 454

Axe the Tax OV, a local grassroots PAC, is opposed to the $17M Naranja Park Bond that will cost Oro Valley taxpayers $28M (including interest) over the 20 year life of the bonds. The group desires responsible spending of taxpayer dollars and cites the significant golf losses associated with the El Con Golf purchase as evidence that Town Council needs to reign in spending before any property tax is considered.

At the February 17, 2017 Town Council meeting, members of the community (including youth sports parents, athletes, and Oro Valley user groups) asked Council to advance construction of additional sports fields at Naranja Park instead of following their current phased approach. On May 3, 2017 the Town council voted 7-0 to call a special bond election in November for the town residents to approve or reject the bond. The estimated costs include approximately $5.6M for fields and lighting but over $11M for infrastructure and amenities.

Their video lays out some of the important facts behind why the Naranja Park build-out should continue with a phased approach instead of imposing a 20 year property tax burden on Oro Valley homeowners and commercial properties.

To learn more about Prop 454 at or axethetaxov on Facebook.

7 Comments on "Axe The Tax Formed To Stop Proposed New Oro Valley Property Tax In Prop 454"

  1. Oro Valley tried over 10 years ago to push through a tax to pay for Naranja Park. It was their dream, not the taxpayers. Great YouTube video!

  2. I’m voting for this! It will help round out our community and keep the standards we’ve come to expect. I think the majority will see the benefit and once again silence the local blu hairs that oppose everything.

  3. Walk Don't Run | September 14, 2017 at 10:06 pm |

    I’m not a Blu hair. This tax is an attempt to cover the bad decision to buy the money pit golf course. I have kids but don’t want to be taxed extra for ball fields or whatever. No way will this taxing end in 20 years. It’ll get extended for something else. When has a tax been voluntarily sunsetted?

    Let’s not make it more expensive for families to live here.

    Axe the tax. Pay as you go is the way to go.

  4. David Casillas | September 18, 2017 at 4:34 pm |

    Learn some respect for your elders. I am not a blu hair but am glad my parents taught me respect.

  5. Steve Solomon – is that you? Do you even have hair?

  6. I think about why I moved to Oro Valley in the first place. Community!

    We live in a wonderful town and our mayor is doing an awesome job. Take a drive through Tucson or anywhere else in Pima County. The roads are terrible, the police harass you, and in some areas, crime is pretty bad!!! Not in Oro Valley! Oro Valley residents have higher standards that define what makes us community. We have lots of walking paths, golf, nature trails, and water fountains to support an active lifestyle. We cannot rely on the state or federal government to bring joy into our community. This became clear to me recently when I walked into the post office to get a drink of water. There’s no water fountain in the post office. Oro Valley residents know the importance of water fountains! Not the post office–Federal building, federal rules–they are as out of touch with our community as this Axe the Tax political action committee. Oro Valley is not out of touch, as I can usually find a public water fountain just by walking in any direction for 10 minutes. This is a community taking care of itself. I go for a jog every day and I see nothing but smiling faces–happy people, enjoying what God has given us.

    This bond will build community. It will attract more families into our town, which will help us prosper! Our property values will rise! But more importantly, we will have a place for our children to come together and that will bring us together.

    We need to stop with the divisive imagery. Nothing is more divisive than the picture of a weapon–an Axe, hanging on the side of the road. I have to explain to my children why grown ups are hanging signs with axes on them. In fact, after explaining what this bond will do for our community, my son was eager to participate in its design! My children are looking forward to the opportunities this bond brings. My family is looking forward to opportunities to engage our community in meaningful ways!

    I love Oro Valley and investing in this community–investing in its people, is the right thing to do.

  7. Jon Nestgaf | October 8, 2017 at 9:20 am |

    Scaring people with numbers … $28 millions paid over 20 years for a price tag of $17 millions ….do the math.
    That’s about 2.25 % interest rate , remove the inflation : basically free money for the town. As for home owners factor in the plus in your home value increase over time : people want to live in a place with nice infrastructures. This isn’t a bad deal.

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