Pima County Residents Denied Real Road Repairs Again

On Tuesday, in a vote of 7-6, the Pima County Transportation Advisory Committee ignored the input of community members and approved a plan put forth by County Administrator Chuck Huckleberry’s crew.

While County supervisors were allowed to appoint a handful of members to the Committee, Huckelberry maintained control over a majority of the members, so Tuesday’s vote disappointed, it did not surprise.

“While I am disappointed by the outcome of today’s vote to reject the District 4 modifications to the Pima County Property Tax for Road Repair Plan, the folks who really lost are the disenfranchised, taxpaying constituents who attended our town hall meetings, whose voices went unheard, and whose roads will go unrepaired,” stated Supervisor Steve Christy.

“This comes as no surprise. Chuck Huckelberry used this committee to advance support for a sales tax,” stated Supervisor Ally Miller.

Of all five districts, only District 1 (Ally Miller) and District 4 (Steve Christy) held town halls and solicited public feedback. Only District 1 and District 4 made any modifications to the recommendation put forth by Pima County staff.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Bob Gugino made the motion to accept the Pima County staff’s recommendation. Dan Eckstrom seconded the motion. A long discussion ensued before a substitute motion was presented by Arellano to accept that recommendation with modifications by Committee representatives, which failed by a 6-7 vote.

Modified versionVote Staff recommendationVote
District 1 Reggie DroutYDistrict 2 Dan Eckstrom –Y
District 1 Chris DeSimoneYDistrict 2 Eric PonceY
District 4 Lucretia FreeYDistrict 3 Rick PriceY
District 4 Sergio ArellanoYDistrict 3 Amber SmithY
County Administrator Tom McGovernYDistrict 5 Dan CastroY
County Administrator Dr. Curtis LueckYDistrict 5 Bob GuginoY
District 2 Dan EckstromNCounty Administrator John BernalY
District 2 Eric PonceNDistrict 1 Reggie DroutN
District 3 Rick PriceNDistrict 1 Chris DeSimoneN
District 3 Amber SmithNDistrict 4 Lucretia FreeN
District 5 Dan CastroNDistrict 4 Sergio ArellanoN
District 5 Bob GuginoNCounty Administrator Tom McGovernN
County Administrator John BernalNCounty Administrator Dr. Curtis LueckN

For example, as a result of the vote, crumbling roads in Green Valley will continue to crumble, at the same time roads in private communities like Tucson Country Club will be shored up.

The plan accepted by the Committee focuses on roads in fair/good condition due to the fact that they only require chip sealing, while roads that are in poor/failing condition will be ignored.

It is believed that the unusual plan will force acceptance by Pima County residents of an additional sales tax.

Huckelberry loyalists on the Committee include: Bob Gugino, Dan Eckstrom, John Bernal, Amber Smith, Eric Ponce, John Bernal, Dan Castro, Tom McGovern, and Curtis Lueck. Committee members, Reggie Drout, Lucretia Free, Chris DeSimone, and Sergio Arellano voted in support of residents.

According to sources, McGovern and Lueck appeared to cast their votes in favor of residents once it was clear that Bernal’s vote ensured that Huckelberry’s plan would win the day.

The roads are crumbling, but Pima County’s Bicycle Ambassadors can brighten your day! Ring! Ring!

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  1. I may have to convert my lowered Beetle into a Baja Bug since Thornydale Rd is getting more like The Baja 500 course daily, at least till it gets to the Marana city limits!

  2. Portland is the aspiration of Tucson liberals and leaders. You’ve long heard the cry to be like them. Even defecating in the streets of downtown, just like Tucson and Pima County.

    “Columbia Sportswear considers closing downtown office citing safety concerns”

    “The celebration did not last long as employees reported clashes with aggressive panhandlers and repeated car break-ins. One worker said her life was threatened. “It is a relief when the only thing we are dealing with is the garbage and human waste by our front door,” Boyle said in an op-ed column submitted to The Oregonian/OregonLive. “Think about that for a minute.””


    • I also read that. Liberals in liberal town can’t stand the liberalism. How liberal of them. Progressive in fact.

  3. I knew Chris DiSimone was on the committee as I have heard him discuss it on his talk show but I was unaware of the other members. The shock is seeing Eckstrum and Guigino. Both in the good-ole-boys club and didn’t Guigino get his subdivision at Cloud Rd and Sabino pushed through, with Sugar Ray’s help of course. Why would you expect either of these two to vote against Chuck?

  4. When will voters learn that when you vote in the same people in year after year and raise taxes for rod repair and decades after decades we still have the same crappy roads all over the county from border to border? Keep dogging those pot holes and repairing your tires and suspensions or better yet VOTE Correctly.

    • Patriot, I think you have it wrong. Most voters (white guilt liberals) don’t want road repairs for the same reason they don’t want new roads. If we have good roads, they will be used and that means we will be killing mother earth.

      No growth, no jobs, no prosperity. 5th poorest in the country and DAMN proud!

    • Spot on “Patriot”. Time and time again, the same people voted into office and the public expects different results. One day they may learn.

  5. How many times does there need to be a tax increase for the roads? If I remember until the recent rejections there were a couple already passed for the same reason. Remember they pulled out of the 22d/starr pass thing so they could fix ‘county’ roads and then still did nothing. Sure wish they would take party affiliation off the vote ballat so the dumies could not vote party only!

  6. SSDD in Pima County politics. Once again the voice of the voter is ignored and the voice of the Huckster is heard loud and clear. Its not about the roads, its about the sales tax increase to fix the roads that still won’t be a drop in the bucket. Hold fast Ally. You are the only protector of the taxpayer in not only your district but all of Pima County.

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