Obama Administration’s Version Of “Net Neutrality” Was A Ruse

Recently, the Federal Communication Commission reversed the Obama administration’s rule on net neutrality, which treated the Internet like a utility.  The problem with net neutrality was we already had net neutrality with minimal regulation. The Internet thrived until 2015.

What then was the Obama administration’s version of net neutrality? It was simply giving the government more power and control over the Internet. Obamacare was not about improving healthcare but about giving the government power and control over the health care sector.

The Obama administration’s interpretation of Section 702 of the Patriot Act exceeded the Act’s original intent. Section 702 was intended to monitor foreign communications; the Obama administration started spying on all Americans, giving the government power and control it should never have.

For Democrats, having strong government power and control over the American people and all economic sectors is the socialist goal to which they aspire. The end result was the illegal spying of the Obama administration against the incoming Trump administration, the unmasking of innocent Americans and the attempt to delegitimize President Trump’s administration.

The Obama administration’s net neutrality was not a free market solution to an existing problem. It was a Democrat administration’s response to restricting a free and vibrant Internet. If net neutrality had not been reversed, the government would have to monitor all ISP broadband connections. A political party thirsting for more power and control would have violated Americans’ privacy.

The Internet thrived before 2015. From dial up telephone lines to cable, from slow speeds to much faster speeds and greater bandwidth. More than $1 trillion has been invested in the Internet. Today, wired and wireless broadband reaches 99% of Americans. The Obama administration’s version of net neutrality would have dried up investment and innovation. This is why reversing Obama’s version of net neutrality was so important.

Another illogical aspect of the Obama administration’s net neutrality gambit is the use of Title II of the 1934 Communications Act to control the Internet. The Act was designed to regulate Ma Bell: Ma Bell no longer exists. Ma Bell was a massive bureaucracy, slow moving and cumbersome. The Internet is a fast-moving, competitive open market.

The Obama administration asserts that net neutrality is the Internet’s guiding principle. It is not. A free economy, preserving our right to communicate online freely is the guiding principle of the Internet. Only a free economy can protect free speech.

Under the Obama administration, we had a Department of Justice and FBI senior officials engaged in organized criminal behavior (Fast & Furious, exoneration of Hillary Clinton before completing the investigation, the Trump Dossier fabrication designed to be used as a basis for an illegal FISA investigation, the attempted coup of President Trump . . . the so-called “insurance policy”).

Can you imagine what the Obama administration would have done with total power and control of the Internet?

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  1. “Can you imagine what the Obama administration would have done with total power and control of the Internet?”

    Time will tell what a radical, racist, marxist Obama is. He did his best to destroy self-determination, he did his best to destroy the greatest country on earth. What’s even more frightening is how he fostered the growth of radical Islamists, even providing them billions in taxpayer cash.

    Thank you President Trump for stopping this government takeover of the internet.

    Thank you President Trump for destroying ISIS, the killers that Barack Hussein Obama allowed and encouraged to spread.

  2. Yes I could imagine what Obama wanted it was called the USSR!

  3. Obummer’s “Net Neutrality” was a solution looking for a problem. There was no problem with access to or use of the internet but that administration just had to try to control it.

  4. Is this an opinion piece ? It’s barely even about net neutrality. The little piece that is, is incorrect.

    “If net neutrality had not been reversed, the government would have to monitor all ISP broadband connections” . This is not true. The point of net neutrality is to let all traffic flow equally. In what way would they have to monitor connections ? Making sure ISP’s don’t block content is not the same as monitoring connections.

    “The problem with net neutrality was we already had net neutrality with minimal regulation. The Internet thrived until 2015.”: There are many cases of consumer interest being harmed due to lack of regulation here. AT&T blocked skype, most of the carriers blocked google wallet, MetroPCS blocked youtube. There are literally hundreds of cases like this. Do we want to live in a world where you have to signup to one carrier for google and another for amazon ?

    The computer science industry has been advocating for net neutrality since the mid-90’s. It’s not some Obama era conspiracy as much as that fits all of your worldviews. The internet is mandatory for daily life, if title 2 is outdated then we should classify the internet as a utility.

  5. In my family I am the villain and the gilded child, The hope for repent and understanding with insulting verbiage and group ridicule. I really turned down hunting anymore with family for the fervor associated with the thinking. I became aware on the “Citizens United” which in some ways resembled “Net Neutrality” when you sit down and responsibility discuss the two you look at glassy eyes that are angry for being exposed to the hypocrisy to it and yet agree, as it is for the better anyway.

  6. You are liars. You’ve really stepped it up in the past few months.

  7. The Oracle of Tucson | December 27, 2017 at 11:47 pm |

    The headline should have read “The entire Obama Era Was A Ruse.”

    The Oracle

  8. the headline should have read ; Obama the great imposter – the evil one – the man who set the first stone of the UN joining to attack Israel who allowed UN amendment 2334 by not vetoing the measure that China and Russia passed – this measure giving Israeli settlements no legal validity – including Jerusalem – mandating 1967 borders – makes Israel an occupier of the West Bank – in the near future the UN will gather to take it from Israel, as all the world turns against them – I think we all know the name of that great battle to come ‘Armageddon’ it is to be ended by the return of Jesus Christ – Maranatha !

  9. Ha, Ha, Ha Obama strikes from the past. I bet there is more! Control the mind.

  10. Obama never met a country he wouldn’t bend at the waist for, but hey who am I to judge? Every move he made was calculated to knock the US back to the stone-age. He was raised as a commie so none of this comes as a shock. I’m sure both he and the Clinton’s seriously underestimated Donald Trump. The depth of depravity these folks thrust onto our country will be studied for centuries. Let’s just hope they get what’s coming or are shunned by all!

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