KGUN Staff Hit With Pornographic Message, Shock Sent Through Scripps

Staff at the Scripps offices in Tucson, Arizona reported seeing fellow co-workers visibly shaken this week after they received a pornographic message from a co-worker. Recipients reported feeling victimized by the graphic image of Angelica Foti, and what appeared to be the genitals of men.

Foti, who is currently transitioning from male to female, sent the message in which she appears to be performing fellatio. In the past, the transgender production manager at KGUN, has told fellow employees that she hopes to be a “transgendered porn star.” On Twitter, Angelica (@Angelica_Lynn) describes herself as a “Transgener Adult Model/Actress/Kink and Leather Advocate.”

When Angelica first announced her transition, co-workers were advised to treat her with “kid gloves.” Over time, resentment of the special treatment of Foti has grown. As a result, the message she sent was not only traumatizing for some, but raised questions as to fairness in the workplace.

In December, Foti set up a gofundme account to collect contributions to pay for items on a list of surgeries she wanted as a part of her transition:

My name is Angelica and I am a Transgender female. I am about a year and a half into my journey and facing what all of us who decide to go down this road face…the high cost of medical procedures. There are so many surgeries that are needed to fully transition.

What insurance covers:
– Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Drugs
– Vaginoplasty/Labiaplasty (GRS) (following a year of living full time and legally as my chosen gender)(Clock started 10/27/17)(minus deductible)

What insurance doesn’t cover:
– Breast Augmentation Surgery (about $5,500) – December 27, 2017
– Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) (about $40,000)
– Voice Feminization Surgery (VFS) (about $7,400)
– Other body modification surgeries (about $20,000)

Sample Surgical Price List

Other out of pocket items:
– Legal name change through the court (about $250) – Done
– Re-registration of a vehicle and title (about $250)
– Passport (about $120)
– Insurance Deductable ($6,000 per year)
– Flights, Hotels, Food Etc. for consultations and during proceedure stays (about $2,600 x4 proceedures – $10,400)
– New clothes after procedures ($500)

Ouch! It adds up quick. (about $90,000)

I work hard and have been lucky enough to be at a company that has been completely supportive of my transition. But even as a fulltime employee, I cannot cover these costs on my own. So here I am my dear friend asking for your support in this matter.

As an older transitioning adult (44 years old at the time of writing this), time is limited. I have been on HRT drugs for about 14 months at this point and my body has changed, but the changes I have are about all I am going to get. Unfortunately, once you move beyond a certain age, your body can only change so much without surgical help.

I do have my Breast Augmentation Surgery scheduled for December 27, 2017…Merry Christmas to me! But It is being done on credit, then I am maxed out. This is the one surgery I can (sort of) do on my own. Beyond that, my options are limited.

After the breast augmentation, the other two important surgeries are of course the Vaginoplasty/Labiaplasty and the Voice Feminization Surgery. The best surgeon in the world for VFS is in South Korea. Yeson Voice Center . The surgery is around $7400 plus flight, room and board and food.

This is specifically what I am asking for with this fundraiser. $16,000 to cover my VFS and the deductible for my GRS.

($7,400 Voice + $2,600 Travel + $6,000 deductible)

I would love other surgeries as well, but these are the priorities to allow me to mostly pass.

Time is critical to complete my transition by the end of 2018. I have my consultation set with the GRS surgeon on December 5, 2017 and will have the surgery in November 2018. I would love to have my VFS earlier in the year to have time to recover prior to having a third major surgery in 12 months.

As you can see, I am not asking for the world. I need your help moving towards my goal of being me.! Anything you can give is so greatly appreciated. Also, please share this across Social Media and help spread the word.

Thank you so much in advance; you are appreciated! <3


To contribute visit Being Angelic(a)

Since the gofundme account was first set up in December, Foti has only received contributions from 3 people for a total of $204 out of her $16,000 goal.

KGUN staff have been struggling with the impending retirement of anchor Guy Atchley. Atchley, who is retiring at the end of March, has served as a calming force at KGUN, which has according to staff descended into confusion and chaos.

For her part, Foti has told co-workers that she is focusing on her education because KGUN “is a sinking ship.”


  1. Gee, like I really need to read this crap first thing on Monday morning. SSDD in the land of the lost. Give me, give me, give me and the employer started it by saying treat shim differently. I call BS. You want to be a bitch, that’s ok but not on my dime.

  2. I agree with jdfast. Why is KGUN/Scripps giving shim special treatment when those who choose to decide they want to be something other than what they are are always saying they want to be treated equally.

    KOLD and (even)KVOA have my channel selector set as favorites.

  3. This crap just makes me want to puke. Dear employees, please keep your disgusting crap to yourselves.

  4. I worked with one of these people several years ago. I knew him only as a 3rd shift guy, I was 2nd shift in the same area. When he transitioned the plant was told by corporate that they were to pay for it, not insurance. When he/she returned to work afterwards, I was asked if I would work with “her” as the guys all refused. I said yes.We talked a lot about what happened. “She” was very open and explained the whole process. I think “she” thought I was looking to do the same. I was, and still am, a tomboy. I am, however, a female! The most appalling part was when “she” offered to take me to bed! I could have had “her” fired. Probably should have. “She” was one sick dude! I eventually went to another area of the shop and was much happier. I know the process they go through, but will never accept the “sex change” thing. I wonder if his daughter does.

  5. All I can say is what chutzpa! Wonder what she might get if she stood on a Tucson street corner like the other worthless leeches.

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