School Closings: Focus On Corbett Elementary

The recent discussions revolving around teacher’s salaries have shifted the focus away from the plight of public education in general. School district funding across the state has disappeared as schools are shuttered.

In order to bring attention to a key factor in the loss of district funding, the Arizona Daily Independent will highlight closed schools over the next several months. As you will see, school closings not only impact students, parents, and teachers.

Today, we focus on Corbett Elementary School in the Tucson Unified School District.

Corbett Elementary School then

Corbett Elementary School now

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Location: 5949 E 29th Tucson AZ 85711
Mascot: Cougars
Year Board voted to Close: December 20, 2012
Board of record: Miguel Cuevas, Adelita S Grijalva, Mark Stegeman, Michael Hicks, Alexandre Sugiyama
Board vote to close: 4-1 (Michael abstained)
Superintendent of record: Dr. Pedicone
Other notes: Served over 400 students in PK-5. Consolidated into Wheeler in 2013 1
Current use: available for sale or lease 2
Neighborhood poverty rate: 28% 4
Median household income: $34,551 4
Tucson Ward: 4 – Shirley Scott 5
Neighborhood Associations: stellar manor, colonia del valle and terra del sol 5

1 Other public education websites
4 US Census


  1. state statutes stipulate what the $$$ can be used for, but otherwise the local board decides how to use the money.

  2. Pay the district administrator onsite and at 1010 E. 10th all the same salaries as they pay the teachers. Give them all the same work and all the same pay and the protests and walk-outs would be done in a day!

    • Ms. Grijalva “tabled” her own agenda item for reasons related to information requested in executive session still pending. Could it be that TUSD was about to enter into a sales transaction with Pepper Viner without knowing the real appraised value? Or was TUSD simply going to sell Corbett to a land developer for a “sweet heart” deal? Was there quid pro quo? Guess we will find out next Tuesday?

  3. Seems very ironic that all of a sudden and in an election year that there is an agenda item for a potential sale of this school after all this time. Reminds me of the time Foster took a 5000 dollar campaign contribution from and ESI executives wife. Humm. I bet if the district does not even know how much the property is worth and who ever wants to buy it is really some type of friend or supporter of Grijalva or Foster. That would only certainly be consistent with history. SMH

  4. Anything those two women are up to can only be summarized in one simple fact. Nothing good for the taxpayers.

  5. The Pima County Assessor’s office says the property is valued at 5,393,838 dollars, I wonder how much the two women are hoping to short sell the district

  6. This is not the first time that Pepper Viner has been involved in the sale of a TUSD school: Townsend MS and Wrightstown ES. Those two were sold at below market value. Corbett should not be sold off the same way as these two were. The board needs to stop this process and do it by the book/law as prescribed and sell it at market value. If not, it would be another sweet heart deal that would fill the campaign coffers of a TUSD board member that is running for re-election in November IMO.

  7. Tucson. Pima county. And TUSD. Home to high taxes. High unemployment. High poverty. And High crime. And run by a bunch of idiots who miamage a combined total budget of approximately $3 billion annually. And if your connected to the powers that be. You can buy school property governed by at least one or more power thirsty elected socialists for a lot less that the rest of us. Welcome to the world accordingly to the Grijalva family.

    • Sadly TUSD is staff not by who is qualified but by who is connected to whom, and same with deals and contracts. Nepotism, that is nauseating.

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