School Closings: Focus On Hohokam Middle School

The recent discussions revolving around teacher’s salaries have shifted the focus away from the plight of public education in general. School district funding across the state has disappeared as schools are shuttered.

In order to bring attention to a key factor in the loss of district funding, the Arizona Daily Independent will highlight closed schools over the next several months. As you will see, school closings not only impact students, parents, and teachers.

Today, we focus on Hohokam Middle School  in the Tucson Unified School District.

Hohokam Middle School then

Hohokam Middle School now

Location: 7400 S Settler Ave Tucson AZ 85746
Mascot: Hawks
Year Board voted to Close: December 20, 2012
Board of record: Miguel Cuevas, Adelita S Grijalva, Mark Stegeman, Michael Hicks, Alexandre Sugiyama
Board vote to close: 3-1 (Michael abstained, Adelita – no)
Superintendent of record: Dr. Pedicone
Other notes: Merged into Valencia in 2013 1
Current use: education land patent: hold for future growth 2
Median home sales price: $149,900 3
Neighborhood poverty rate: 27% 4
Median household income: $41,224 4
Tucson Ward: N/A 5
Neighborhood Associations: Drexel Heights 5

4 US Census


  1. Looks like Adelita’s only guiding principle for voting to close a school is its geographical location. She voted to close every eastside school. And yet she doesn’t have any problem taking my property taxes and squandering then on administrative bloat and other departments.

    • Ah,,,,, you think the racist would really do something like that? I do and will say as much. She and her whole clan are some of the biggest racists in the country. They represent the poorest of the poor and least educated and these people don’t have a clue that the Grijalva’s are playing them to to make political points and yet have done absolutely nothing for them. Its the true liberal style.

  2. TUSD central and the board of record clearly voted to close many schools in lower income, high poverty areas. Many on the edges of the school district boundary.

  3. Grijalva does have a sad record of voting to close eastside schools, but not south or west side schools. Maybe she thought she could get more contributions from buyers of schools on the eastside. If you look at her patterns and votes of record, it is obvious she does not really care about or represent those she claims to.

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