Report Claims Cindy Set to Succeed John McCain [POLL]

Cindy McCain discusses Sarah Palin in a 2012 CNN interview

On Monday, a report in Newsmax that Governor Doug Ducey is expected to appoint Cindy McCain to replace her husband Sen. John McCain set social media ablaze. Newsmax reported that “Cindy McCain following John in the Senate through appointment by Gov. Doug Ducey, R-Ariz., is a near certainty.”

None of the sources for the report would go on the record.

An appointment of Cindy would surely hurt Governor Ducey’s chances for re-election. McCain is one of the least popular senators in the country, and his wife is not a popular figure in Arizona.

Her personal struggle with addiction years ago has haunted her as well. According to

From 1989 to 1992, Cindy McCain was a drug addict. She was addicted to Percoset and Vicodin. Rather than go to a street dealer or doctor shop like Rush Limbaugh, McCain stole pills from the charity she founded. McCain had founded The American Voluntary Medical Team, a relief organization whose purpose was to aid Third World countries.

The DEA audited her charity and found irregularities which prompted an investigation. A former employee, Tom Gosinski, was the one who tipped off the DEA to check out her organization. Gosinski said he was fired from the organization because he knew too much about Cindy McCain’s drug habit. Gosinski claims McCain would illegally obtain these drugs by using the names of her employees and the charity she founded. So Cindy McCain used pills meant to ease the suffering of starving African children for her own personal drug use.

Arizonans had hoped the ailing senator would step down in time for voters to have a choice in the matter. Although the senator has not been in D.C. since the Christmas break, he has ignored the public’s plea for him to retire.

Not since his daughter posted a picture of her father at the family’s compound in Cornville, Arizona in March has the senator been seen publicly.

According to the Newsmax report:

Should the seat become open before June 1, state law requires a special election this fall. Democrats from Phoenix to Washington, D.C., make little secret of their desire of having another Senate seat on the fall ballot in 2018 because they sense it is a good year for the party outside the White House.

However, if the vacancy in the seat occurs after June 1, state law says the appointee may serve more than two years and a special election would be held in 2020. (McCain won his sixth term in 2016 and this term will not expire until 2022).

In February, the Arizona Daily Independent asked readers if McCain should retire. Over 70 percent of the poll participants answered in the affirmative.

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  1. Even in his final days McCain refuses to do the honorable thing. No matter if the history books are kind to him, the real history of his senate tenure will not be remembered favorably by Arizonans. Unfortunate for a man while in the military served his country honorably. Political power eventually corrupted this man. C’est la vie. Such is the life of a career politician.

    • “Unfortunate for a man while in the military served his country honorably.”

      Not in the minds of many who wore the uniform. Not to those that died or were injured on the USS Forrestal. Not to the many graduates of the Naval Academy that got their appointment without the help from their father or grandfather.

      McCain married a rich honeypot on his magic carpet ride to Arizona. I can’t think of anything good he has done for our country nor earned on his own merit.

    • I hope you’re joking! Served his country honorably while earning the title “Songbird”? While recording propaganda tapes to the be used by the VietCong against our men?

  2. Agree totally. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The last years of Johnnie’s life have been about him and only him. What voters. I don’t need no stinking voters, I am John McCain. You must bow to me and my ego.

  3. How much money did Ducey agree to take to subject Arizona citizens to this idea.

    I fully expect Ducey to play with this idea and then appoint Doug Ducey to the office. He can make a lot more money as a senator than as governor.

    You have never seen a Senator who didn’t retire a multi millionaire, no matter where they started.

    • Given that as a result of Governor Ducey`s forcing the legislature to grant an increase in education funding during an illegal teachers strike at the behest of the thuggish Redfored which he thereby legitimized, Ducey has most likely ended any chance he had to be re-elected. In light of his over-riding ambition to be President, Ducey will have no choice but to appoint himself to the McCain seat if he gets a chance to make the appointment. If Cindy McCain is counting on Governor Ducey to appoint her instead of himself, she will be sorely disappointed.

  4. Bet this is some more phoney news- prolly made up by demo-lib-redteacher-anti-American scut. This would defnitly sink Ducey. May not like him, but he’s too smart to do somethin’ estupido as this. Think Ward or McSally.

    • Borderbill

      Smart I’m not so sure he caved to the #redsocialists with an unheard of 205 raise when they all should have been fired. They broke their contract.

  5. Being out of touch with constituents is after all a McCain tradition.
    As a state, are we really that devoid of any real prospects?
    Apparently Douchey has accelerated his efforts to be another one term looser.

    The Oracle

  6. What’s really bad, is we the voters kept this ludicrous old fool voted into office, not us here or me but the voters- the ones that pulled the lever on this guy for decades are getting what they repeatedly voted for and it’s scary-

    • Pookie, problem was there were no real ALTERNATIVES. What did the dems run can anyone remember Wodney, the guy who couldn’t make it on the city clowncil in tucson? Can you remember any others? Just like the turd greedyhalfa, no one runs against him since he has a d behind his name. When there was a good candidate (and she almost beat him), she had no support from the r’s and she has not been heard from since. Then you run mclones and end up with people like mcsalley, mcflake etc.

      Yes its scarey in that there are apparently NO OTHER QUALIFIED people who are willing to take him on since he has the machine at his back. Just like in tucson, no one runs as a R because without the d behind the name there is no support from the party.

  7. Rumor on the “View” is that the appointment will be Megan, that way she can stay in the Senate for at least eight terms terms since she has already endured the torture of appearing with Joy and Company and Arizona voters blindly vote for the incumbent. The View can then promote the fact that they created a US Senator.

    • Lordy (Huh) you made me laugh and gave me something to have nightmares about all at once

  8. This is the reason for Megan’s Demand for apology from President Trump to get the sympathetic awareness vote for the Coronation of Johnboy’s NoAbility Wife

  9. Just to set the record straight, John McCain had absolutely nothing to do with the fire on the Forrestal. He was seated in his plane, an A-4 at the aft of the flight deck. A Zuni rocket was accidently fired from an F-4 parked on the angle deck. The rocket hit planes near McCain’s A-4 and the fire ensued causing 500 and 1000 lb bombs to detonate, blowing holes in the flight deck and killing the night crew from Fighter Squadron 11. McCain was able to escape his plane, jump to the deck and get away from the fire prior to the bombs exploding. McCain’s politics are a separate issue all together, but he is in no way responsible for any deaths on the Forrestal.


  10. Well … by the end of the day today if the Senator has not resigned, it looks like the Governor of AZ will be appointing someone until the 2020 election. I really hope the Governor has thought long and hard on this one. If he appoints Mrs. McCain, this could have major implications to his prospects of becoming a two-term governor. I, for one, will not support this or him!

    • I resemble that remark. I was never a big of fan Ducey. But if he appoints the Mrs. he won’t see my vote for his reelection.

  11. I pray Ducey is smart enough to not appoint anyone connected to the McSpams we have had enough of the carpetbaggers!!

    • if you are indicating support for her you must still be in grade school. What would make you think she ANY qualifications other than his name?

  12. Figure it to be Megan McCain she played the Conservative card on Fox an then went Liberal on the Main Stream Media.She played both Cards to appeal to both sides it will probably get her the appointment.Now as to the Election that’s different.

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