School Closings: Focus On Lyons Elementary

The recent discussions revolving around teacher’s salaries have shifted the focus away from the plight of public education in general. School district funding across the state has disappeared as schools are shuttered.

In order to bring attention to a key factor in the loss of district funding, the Arizona Daily Independent will highlight closed schools over the next several months. As you will see, school closings not only impact students, parents, and teachers.

Today, we focus on Nan Lyons Elementary in the Tucson Unified School District.

Nan Lyons Elementary then

Nan Lyons Elementary now

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Location: 7555 East Dogwood Tucson AZ 85730
Mascot: Lions
Year Board voted to close: December 20, 2012
Board of record: Miguel Cuevas, Adelita S Grijalva, Mark Stegeman, Michael Hicks, Alexandre Sugiyama
Board vote to close: 4-0 (Hicks abstained)
Superintendent of record: Dr. John Pedicone
Other notes: Served 276 students. Consolidated into Ford & Erickson in 2013 1
Current use: portioned leased by church & available for lease/sale 2
Median home sales price: $151,000 3
Neighborhood poverty rate: 17% 4
Median household income: $45,852 4
Tucson Ward: 4 – Shirley Scott 5
Neighborhood Associations: Lakeside Park, Groves Lincoln, Stella Mann 5

4 US Census

2 Comments on "School Closings: Focus On Lyons Elementary"

  1. TUSD Taxpayer | June 12, 2018 at 6:40 pm |

    For good reason, the east and southeast boundary of TUSD has totally abandoned the current school district leadership. This is all attributable to the failure of Adelita Grijalva who has presided over the board during the biggest decrease in enrollment in school history. One drive through these neighborhoods and one can quickly see the decline due to school closures she voted for. If I lived in any of these precincts I couldn’t be any more disgusted with the failure of TUSD decision makers and policy makers. Time to vote out both Adelita and Mike Hicks. They have failed on every level.

  2. Just Saying | June 18, 2018 at 5:07 pm |

    First rule of thumb when you find yourself in a hole. Quit digging. Unfortunately TUSD finds themselves not only in decline but may not be able to turn this thing around. The District is struggling with structural deficits and can’t seem to find the bottom of the mess they created for themselves. They have lost approximately 1,000 students annually for the last decade. TUSD has no one but themselves to blame, although they will point the finger at everyone else. Either fix the damn problem or the State legislature should break up the district. They hoarded prop 301 $$$ to bolster the general fund. They spend only 26% of prop 123 $$$ on teachers compensation. And now the RedforEd money is not being spent entirely on teacher salaries. The collective mismanagement is incomprehensible.

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