Fountain Hills Burglary Suspect Arrested

On Wednesday, at approximately 7:00 pm the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office recovered the second of two vehicle that were stolen in a Fountain Hills burglary that occurred at 14906 E Kit Fox place on June 6th. The home was the location of a recent double homicide that is being investigated by the Scottsdale Police Department as part of a larger crime spree.

Since June 6th, MCSO Detectives and local law enforcement have been working in collaboration in an effort to locate the stolen vehicles. The first vehicle, a black Mercedes, was recovered on June 8th, but offered detectives very little information at the time on the whereabouts of the white Nissan Altima.

The second of the two stolen vehicles, a white Nissan Altima, was located near 70th Avenue and McDowell Road in Phoenix last night. The vehicle was driven by a suspect, later identified as 42 year old Keith Dees. Dees fled from police, but later crashed near the intersection of 99th Avenue and Thomas, attempted to flee the scene on foot and was apprehended by Phoenix Police Officers.

Dees was booked into the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office 4th Avenue Jail on 1 count Theft of Means of Transportation. The case on the stolen vehicles remains under investigation as MCSO detectives work to gather more information. Chagres on the burglary is pending further/

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  1. I’m guessing that at 42 years of age, it’s highly unlikely that Keith Dees is gonna finally get back to changing his life around for the better.
    I guess you have to want to succeed in life to be a success, sadly Mr. Dess measures his success in boosting stolen cars and getting away from the police.
    Nothing a “change of address kit” to Florence won’t cure.
    Hopefully he’ll be eligible for AARP membership by time he’s a free man again.

    The Oracle

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