School Closings: Focus On Reynolds Elementary

The recent discussions revolving around teacher’s salaries have shifted the focus away from the plight of public education in general. School district funding across the state has disappeared as schools are shuttered.

In order to bring attention to a key factor in the loss of district funding, the Arizona Daily Independent will highlight closed schools over the next several months. As you will see, school closings not only impact students, parents, and teachers.

Today, we focus on Reynolds Elementary in the Tucson Unified School District.

Reynolds Elementary then

Reynolds Elementary

Reynolds Elementary now

Reynolds Elementary
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Bill Targets Vacant Schools, Charter Buyers

Location: 7450 E Stella Rd Tucson AZ 85730
Year Board voted to Close: June 15, 2010
Board of record: Judy Burns, Miguel Cuevas, Bruce Burke, Adelita S Grijalva, Mark Stegeman
Board vote to close: 5-0
Superintendent of record: Dr. Celania-Fagen/Dr. John Carroll
Other notes: Part merged with Erickson, Ford and Lyons. Sold in 2016 for $1.4 million 1
Current use: Site likely to be used for homes, senior residential housing 2
Median home sales price: $151,000 3
Neighborhood poverty rate: 17% 4
Median household income: $45,852 4
Tucson Ward: 4 Shirley Scott 5
Neighborhood Associations: Lakeside Park, Groves Lincoln, Stella Mann 5

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4 US Census


  1. Hey look at that! A 5-0 vote. Now it makes sense. An eastside school which Adelita always votes to close and Hicks wasn’t on the board yet. Got it.

  2. And now the District is trying to sell off Corbett elementary for well below market value to Pepper Viner developers for $750k. Can you say crony capitalism? Mismanagement at the expense of kids teachers and taxpayers.

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