Dems Want Young CD2 Candidate Out For High School Allegation

He was never charged with a crime and he denies the accusation, but that didn’t stop southern Arizona democrats from calling for an end to 28-year-old Yahya Yuksel’s Congressional District 2 candidacy.

Democrats wants Yuksel’s political career to end due to an allegation that he raped an intoxicated female peer when he was in high school.

In a press conference held Sunday, at his campaign headquarters, Yuskel stated, “I just want to say that no woman should be dismissed. No one should be dismissed, and women should be empowered to speak up. Regarding the allegation, it is deeply disturbing to me. It hurts. I could never ever force myself upon someone. I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Yuksel intends to stay in the Congressional District 2 (CD2) race.


  1. Yes stay in race.

    Look at Trump how many women have said he violated them? At least a handful and more. You don’t hear the Republican ( they should ) impeachment.

    Democrats really Raul Grijalva paid off staffer for what I not certain yet. Are any of you demanding his resignation?

    What this say readers & Voters if you can’t beat a candidate outright, let’s spander his past, embellish the facts and scar h for political career that could lead to better legislation.

    D Democrats if your now sworn to alliance of Huckleberry , Grijalva, Romero and City Council then youust not be good for?? The machine..

    Voters pick the best candidate not the party clown.

    Richard Hernandez

    • Right on, Richard. Due process, not lynch mobs. I don’t know anything about the candidate, but it seems that Dimocrats are just as nuts as Republikooks when it comes to hysterically pointing fingers. And it diverts attention from the sad fact that so few candidates of either major party are actually talking program, ideas, things that could help real people.

      • oh you mean like, Jobs for blacks (best ever right now -and black lives DO MATTER! ) Tax decrease (which at my company gave everyone the equivalent of $1.00 per hour raise!)… hmmmm a pretty good idea

    • Hillary’s husband raped women and you leftards had no problem voting for him twice, and then fawned over him becoming the first man

  2. If the supposed victim is just now getting around to accusing Mr. Yuksel who is 28 years old, he would have graduated high school about one decade ago. That’s a bit tardy for the supposed victim to bring up such an accusation, in spite of the fact that there’s no statute of limitations on rape in Arizona.

  3. Never heard of this guy till now and still dont know what he is. If they were not so scared of showing their party loyalty then maybe it would be understandable but is he a d or an r?

    Richard once again you show you do not have a clue. “Look at Trump how many women have said he violated them? At least a handful and more. You don’t hear the Republican ( they should ) impeachment.” you believe the leftists and will regurgitate it at will just to bring the man down. No proof has really been offered except the whims of a portn star and you are all a ga ga over her. Same with greedyhalfa, you cast doubt on his accusation and downplay the turds actions. grow up, get a pair and look at the big picture. We have the lowest rates for unemployment in years, the economy is finally moving and all you and the d;s can do is berate the man because he is keeping promises, something the d’s just dont want, cant or wont do. All they can do is rant and rave and RAISE TAXES. Yes a reall progressive political party, one out for itself and the country be damned.

  4. I do find it interesting that the accuser is just now coming around to make the accusation and it sounds to me like the Democrat Party may have put her up to it and wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it had never happened.

  5. I always thought allegations of sexual impropriety was the corner stone of the Democratic party and a requirement to be “a man of the people”.
    I’m more under the impression Yuksel isn’t liberally looney enough to represent today’s demoncratic party, just ask CA. Sen. Dianne Feinstein who by today’s standards isn’t liberal enough for the left coast.

    The Oracle

  6. Yes… “Eat their own”, “stand in a circlular firing squad” or “the victims of friendly fire.” It’s always heartwarming to watch the law of unintended consequences enforced to the fullest.

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