Pima County Sheriff Calls For Support For Stonegarden, HIDTA Grants

Sheriff Mark Napier presents the Carnegie Medal of Honor Certificate to Sergeant Brian Kunze at the August 7, 2018 Board of Supervisors’ meeting. [Pima County Sheriff's Office photo]

Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier is calling on the public to call on members of the Board of Supervisors to accept federal money in order to avoid layoffs.

The supervisors have accepted more than $16 million in Stonegarden and HIDTA grant funds over the past 10 years. While these same grants were accepted by the supervisors during the Obama administration, the supervisors suddenly find objectionable since they are now coming from the Trump administration.

The Pima County Board of Supervisors met on Tuesday, August 7, and delayed the acceptance of the Stonegarden grant, and two HIDTA grants. During the meeting, when Sheriff Napier explained that layoffs would occur within weeks if the funds were not accepted, Supervisor Richard Elias shrugged his shoulders and forced a vote to delay the matter.

Supervisor Ally Miller called the vote “a blatant display of careless disregard for our community.”

Napier also published a call for action on his Facebook page:

As you know the Pima County Board of Supervisors has once again delayed approval of Operation Stonegarden funding to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department. This funding, in the form of a federal grant of more than $1 million, allows me as your Sheriff to deploy personnel and resources in the remote areas of the county, and purchase much needed equipment. This provides us the enhanced ability to interdict drug and human traffickers who pose a clear danger to the people of our county. This is not about the proactive enforcement of immigration laws. That is a federal responsibility. We are deployed to address specific and clear public safety threats to our community.

I am asking for the assistance of the members of our community to write polite and professional letters to the Board requesting they approve the grant. Currently, they are only hearing from a few dozen activists who dominate the Board meetings. I do not believe they represent either the majority of our citizens or the true best interests of our county.

You can send a letter to the Board at the address below. You need not address a specific Board member or your specific supervisor.

Again, I ask that letters be polite and professional.

Help me keep our county safer.

Thank you,
Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier


  1. Vote Carroll out so he can stop the opioid epidemic that he promised to commit to. We really need him to do that.

  2. The elected officials who are making Napier sweat on these funds ARE going to approve the funding, they’re just making him beg because 1. he’s republican and 2. they’re sending a silly message to the president that they do not support his wall, or his immigration policy. They did the same last year. Watch, it’s all a game to them. It’s unprofessional and embarrassing. They’re pathetic and need to be voted out. Especially Elias.

  3. JP7 Justice Ray Carroll has a write in challenger named Janie Stover in the August 28 primary election. Janie says that four out of the last six Pima County Justices of the Peace were appointed. Green Valley, Sahuarita and Vail now have an alternative to the incompetent Carroll.



  6. The needs of our county law enforcement services have grown Unless the county can find a way to cover the lost revenue from the federal government, the board of supervisors need to accept these funds. Then they can begin to find alternate methods to help maintain the services provided by our sheriffs.

  7. Free money from the feds so deputies can enforce state laws. Not playing immigration agents. But extending their department’s reach to more rural and remote areas of the county.
    Seems reasonable. But the board will hand over county money for space balloons, a bowling alley, our put that knucklehead Ray Carroll on the bench in Green Valley. The board had no problem until the recent change in DC. Yes, Trump administration. Trump didn’t write up the Stonegarden Operations. But he is acting tough on border issues. Unlike Obama who created an environment that led border patrol agents confused and not being able to do their job.
    Our county is ran by incompetent morons. I don’t trust Huckleberry. And am going to vote differently for the board next election. Someone who cares more about public safety and less about balloons.

    • Hello C.Roger, I’ve missed your comments over the years.
      I truly hope you continue to be prolific in your post @ ADI.

      The Oracle

  8. Mark you sold your Deputies in order to be Chuck Hucklberry good graces. Now you ask us to help you do what? Do you recall tge few million dollars you returned to the criminal enterprise of Chuck and BOS.

    Resign now save us the cist to vote your butt out of office.

    Richard Hernandez

  9. Never enough taxpayer funded welfare for these oppressors. Maybe they shouldn’t be receiving any grants?

  10. Oh lookie! Mark is finally realizing that Chuck isn’t his friend. If he was his friend he would have told his puppets to vote for the money.

    • Didn`t Sheriff Napier recently have one of his Deputies “investigate” Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller at the behest of County Administrator Huckleberry who is an employee of the Board Miller serves on? We did not elect Sheriff Napier to take partisan actions such as that investigation but to act as an independent elected official which the Sheriff of Pima County is supposed to be. I for one refuse to write a letter to the Pima Board of Supervisors to beg the Democrat majority to simply do what is obviously best for the citizens of the County. The citizens elected the Supervisors to do their job of their own volition, not only when we are forced to ask them to do it each step along the way. Instead of pleading with the Democrat Supervisors on the Board to do the jobs they were clearly elected to do, such as accept Federal grant money they have always taken in the past to support the County`s law enforcement program, it is time to consider firing at the next election those Supervisors who are playing childish politics.on this issue. Be honest Sheriff, it is not the Pima County Board of Supervisors who are questioning whether to do the right thing, yet again, it is the Board majority of Democrats Bronson, Elias and Valadez who are playing politics with a public safety program.

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