Letter to the Editor: What Drew Me Into Oro Valley Politics?

We built our house in Oro Valley in 1998, two things I said would never be in my garage were a lawn mower or a snow shovel. The other thing that I didn’t want was any involvement in local politics. I was an elected official back in Minnesota, both a councilman and a mayor for a total of 20 years.

In April of 2014, I drove down to the Fry’s on La Canada. As I was walking in, I was cornered and asked if I was a registered voter in Oro Valley. Said yes and was asked to sign something trying to recall a council member. I had read a little about this process and thought to myself, back home if we elected someone that didn’t live up to our expectations, we just accepted we made a mistake and depended on the other council members to make the right decisions. When the next election came along there was a very good chance that person would be replaced.

I asked the two guys a question, “what will this process cost the town?” The answer I got just set me back. I was told “it didn’t matter, what ever it cost it was worth it.”

Now I had no idea who was voting to my likings or not on the issues at that time. What I do know for sure is, for a seated elected official and a town commissioner to be spending time and my money on something like this shows a lack of any moral judgement along with any respect for the election process. Of course I didn’t sign it, just took their pictures and left.

Then some years later along comes Prop 454. This time the entire council showed how completely out of touch they were with the electorate. A 72% rejection; that’s unheard of in today’s politics. I have no idea what the cost to run that ballot was for the taxpayers? Not having your finger on the pulse of the residents is a cardinal sin in politics!

I’m really not a fan of team politics at a local level, it usually works against common sense thinking. My wish is we can get back to a council that is in touch with the electorate and at the same time can present a vision that a majority can embrace. 7-0 votes just don’t work in our favor!

If there is any doubt about my frustration from my Fry’s meeting, the picture shows both men clinging to their recall petitions, proud as can be! Honorable is not the first word that came to my mind. Thank you for reading and please support who ever gets elected. We live in a wonderful place.

Larry Hintz
Oro Valley, AZ

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