Pima County Is Open For Business: Sunday’s Comic

“El Chapo”

Even the notoriously ruthless “El Chapo” had to smile when he got news in his jail cell that the Pima County supervisors rejected Operation Stonegarden money…..

The Conservative Circus with James T. Harris Hour
September 6, 2018

2018 FAIR Conference Day 2!

Featuring Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb, “If you don’t think that the cartel knows what the politics are in Pima county you’re fooling yourself…..”



  1. So Supervisors Bronson. Elias and Valadez don`t want money from tax dollars collected from Arizonans and sent to Washington made available to the Pima County Sheriff`s Department to protect us from criminals. WHY?

  2. If these Three Supervisors don’t care about the safety of the Residents of Pima County, and theylive in safe Gated Communities. They should be removed from Council or pay personally the $1.5 million that they have been voting YES on for more than approximately 10 years. It hasn’t changed. Shocking

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