Chicago Men, Illegal Aliens Arrested After Trying To Circumvent Checkpoint

Agents discovered 2 illegal aliens beneath blankets in the back of a smuggling vehicle. [Photo from Border Patrol]

Wellton Station Border Patrol agents arrested a 26-year-old driver and 26-year-old passenger, both U.S. citizens from the Chicago, Illinois, and two illegal aliens as they attempted to bypass the Interstate 8 Immigration Checkpoint.

Early Monday at approximately 7:16 a.m., Border Patrol agents performed an immigration stop on a red 2002 Ford Explorer that bypassed the immigration checkpoint by traveling through Dome Valley. The two visible occupants stopped the vehicle but refused to cooperate with the agents. A Border Patrol canine positively alerted to the cargo area of the vehicle where agents could see movement under a blanket.


  1. This article seems biased. Does this mean everyone that lives near Dome Valley is bypassing a check point ? Good grief. Just stick to the facts please, someone got busted, period.

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