Ducey, Garcia Declare Victory After Debate In Tweets

Governor Doug Ducey and Democratic Party challenger David Garcia faced off on Monday in a debate, sponsored by the Citizens Clean Elections Commission. The candidates disagreed on everything from education to border security.

Angel Torres, the Green Party candidate, joined the duo but had little to say.

The debate, moderated by “Horizon” host Ted Simons, was chaotic at times with the two candidates interrupting each other.

Garcia, who has called for open borders, called increased police presence on Arizona highways as part of his “border security” plan.

Ducey reminded Garcia that he and his team have been critical of Ducey’s efforts to strengthen border security and stem the massive flow across the now porous border. According to residents living along the border, Ducey’s Border Strike Force has been effective in reducing drug and human smuggling.

Garcia has said he hopes to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), but on Omnday he claimed he only hoped it would be “reformed.”

Torres argued for strengthening Mexican and Central American economies in order to reduce illegal traffic in the U.S.

“The contrast between these two candidates could not be clearer. Governor Doug Ducey has been working hard and getting results for Arizona, and it shows. Whether its investing in education, creating new jobs and growing the economy, or securing our border, Governor Ducey has been there for Arizonans. David Garcia, on the other hand, has made it clear he has nothing to offer Arizonans but resistance, plans to weaken our border security, and opposition to the 20% increase to teachers’ pay,” stated Renae Eze, RNC spokesperson.


  1. Sadly when cream rises to the top we are somehow left with these two floating turds and there can only be one winner between these two losers.

    The Oracle

  2. DUCEY *but his Red4ed was a terrible decision! It is interesting how that funding failed however.. perhaps an aaahhhahaaa it won’t fly moment.

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