Group Urges Voters To Deny Adelita Grijalva A 5th Term

A bipartisan group of Tucson residents has organized to deny Tucson Unified School District Governing Board member Adelita Grijalva a fifth term in office.

Grjalva had previously declared that she would not seek a fifth term on the Board.

The No 5th Term PAC argues that all the public has gotten during Adelita’s tenure is “20 closed schools, the loss of over 15,000 students, overcrowded classrooms, teachers underpaid, disruptive students in classrooms, administrative bloat.”

Grijalva and fellow Board member Michael Hicks are up for re-election. Although Hicks as joined Grijlva in controversial votes in the past two years, she is running Adam Ragan and Leila Counts for Hicks’ seat in an effort to secure a more reliable voting block.


Ragan, who describes himself as a “community organizer and community leader,” is best known in TUSD for his vicious attacks on Board member Rachael Sedgwick and others during the Call to the Audience portion of Board meetings. Ragan’s hyperbolic rants earned him favored status with the Grijalva camp.

It is widely known that the Grijalva camp was behind the expensive legal challenge of Hicks’ nominating petitions last month.  The lawsuit was unsuccessful, but it cost Hicks money that could have been spent fending off the well-funded Counts and Ragan.

Counts has political ambitions and has made it clear to TUSD insiders that running for a spot on the TUSD Board is a stepping stone to higher office.

Hicks has alienated many former supporters due to his erratic voting. As a result, many of his former supporters and Grijalva’s former supporters are now favoring Doug Robson.

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  1. Adelita is selfcentered and devious, her and her puppet Ms. Foster handpicked these candidates Ragan and Counts in order to try to brainwash them and get them to vote right along with what ever they tell them to do. They are merely puppets and expensive in the Grijalva game of politics. Foster the want a be mexican is Adelita i always kissing Adelita’s feet in hopes she will wake up one day as a Mexican and even more a Grijalva. No to adelita and her puppets

  2. well I guess the only reason she is still running is that the turd has not decided he is too ‘ill’ to continue and she needs to replace him. Read an article the other day on the democraps and I guess he is in the running for some higher position if the democraps win in the mid terms. Something to to with the enviroment (which he knows nothing about) and that would allow the princess entry to his seat. I guess he thinks he is another udall or something?

    • Sadly the mojority of misinformed anti white, pro-Hispanic racist voters within TUSD will almost certainly vote not for her qualifications or achievements, but instead for her lame dumbass solely on her name being Hispanic sounding in nature.
      Just like the majority of the black voting block solidly voting Democratic the Hispanic vote will follow suit and continue to fail in favor of Hispanic representation no matter how obviously pathetic, useless and ineffective it becomes.
      Based on an over whelming sense of repeated betrayal from non Hispanic supportive elected officials, the Hispanic community has demonstrated a repeated pattern of only voting from within. Rather then integrate into one cohesive community voting for the best qualified candidate to best represent the entire continuity, the Hispanic community continues to elect and re-elect candidates only of Hispanic heritage. There simply can be no other rational explanation of the current make up of TUSD, the city of Tucson, the city of South Tucson and the Pima county board of supervisors.
      Sorry but the truth can be so painful.

      The Oracle

  3. Thank you for the article, no more Grijalva and her sidekicks. Enough is enough. Vote for Robson and Hicks. The other two are little Adelita’s. God save our schools!

  4. Our future is in the hands of our youth.

    Adelita has hurt thousands of kiddos, students and children.

    She is a malignamt cancer and must be radically removed. Failure to do this will only lead to ill’s that can not be cured.

    Richard Hernandez

  5. As a parent of a TUSD student 1st and treasurer of No 5th Term 2nd, no one can afford to have Adelita elected to a 5th term. I have been had to be very involved and on top of my daughter’s schooling to make sure she gets a good education. I should not have had to spend as many hours and years as i have fighting for what she and ALL students deserve from public education. I have been attending board meetings fighting for what is right for 5 1/2 years and have witnessed the insanity first hand. AS a mom, for my daughter and ALL students I ask you DO NOT vote for Adelita Grijalva. It is time for a change, please tell everyone you know to check our website and facebook and to not vote for Adelita. Thank you, lets give our children a chance.

  6. I pulled ALL of my kids out of this terrible school district for both academic and administrative reasons. AND I STILL pay TUSD property taxes!

  7. Unfortunately she is a greedyhalfa and carries a d behind the name. We can only hope, but thanks for the heads up on the other 2 idiots running. Was hoping they would be worthwhile votes but guess stuck with hicks.

    This is typical of this area, not 1 worthy candidate in the race and once enough info is gained the choice is the lesser of the evils. So I guess hicks and 1 of the others are the choices to be made? Woe is us the citizen voter, and just think that the senate race is no better, 1 liar trying to call out the other!

  8. If there is not a single candidate opposing and running to defeat Adelita she will surely win this multi-candidate race without breaking a sweat. Adelita is a terrible school board member so why can`t the opposition work together to retire her? With mail-in ballots in the mail, it may well be too late and we will be stuck with Adeita for another term and even as head of a new majority. Disgusting!

  9. No single family or person has done more harm to the TUSD district than Raul and Adelita. Time to vote her out.

  10. Only after this seemingly unflushable turd departs can TUSD have any hopes for the future.
    I’ve never voted for her and I never will. Her agenda, tactics and goals just aren’t consistent with my own.
    IMHO: Without her family’s connections and ties to politically organized crime, she’d just be an anonymous unemployed fat ugly stupid racist.

    The Oracle

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