Yes TUSD Questions Haunt Adam Ragan

Adam Ragan surprised by students' tough questions at TUSD candidate forum.

Questions are plaguing Tucson Unified School District Governing Board candidate, Adam Ragan, regarding his handling of campaign contributions to the pro-bond override account for the 2017 election cycle. Ragan was the chair of the Yes TUSD committee, which was formed to promote District’s proposed override.

Ragan’s committee failed miserably, garnering a mere 41 percent of the vote. Although the District leadership, including Ragan’s closest allies, Kristel Foster and Adelita Grijalva, were advised that the bond had no chance of passing, they pushed forward with the election eventually costing the District nearly a million dollars.

Because the Board was advised by a high-price consultant, who advised that the bond had no chance for passage, many perceived the Yes TUSD campaign to be little more than a effort to raise Ragan’s name ID.

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TUSD Candidate Adam Ragan Failure to Disclose Publicly His Conflict of Interest with TUSD PAC


June 13, 2017 TUSD Governing Board voted for a special bond election. Prop 458 was placed on the November ballot.

The $180 million bond was to address TUSD’s critical needs, including heating and cooling systems, plumbing, flooring, and lights.

August 25, 2017 Adam Ragan filed a statement of organization for the Yes for TUSD Kids Political Action Committee (PAC) for the purpose of supporting the “Contributions” and “Ballot Measure.” Ragan is the PAC Chair and Leigh-Anne Harrison as the Treasurer.

Per the 2017 3rd Quarter Report the Yes for TUSD Kids PAC reported Contributions from Individuals for a total of $77,900. Upon close inspection of these 50 contributors almost half were from out of town-primarily from the Phoenix area. Large contributors were primarily from construction, engineering, flooring, painting and energy companies. It must be investigated if any contributors are current TUSD vendors. Clearly they contributed in hopes the bond passed and that they themselves would become vendors for TUSD. Including PAC Treasurer Leigh-Anne Harrison’s employer Chasse Building Team contribution of $5,000.

According to subsequent campaign finance reports, of the total 78,900 raised to date a total of $67,275.04 in expenditures was made to Primary Consultants, LLC of Phoenix AZ.

May 3, 2018 Yes for TUSD kids filed an amended Statement of Organization. Paul Uhlan of Primary Consultants, LLC of Phoenix replaced Adam Ragan as Chair. Leigh-Anne Harrison of Chasse Builders remained as Treasurer.

Reports submitted after Adam Ragan withdrew as Chair of Yes for TUSD Kids, still contain his address. Ragan listed his physical address on the initial application as 111 W. St. Marys Rd Ste 224.

Adam Ragan filed his Statement of Organization for his candidacy for TUSD Governing Board on January 21, 2018. He accepted a $250.00 campaign contribution from Paul Uhlan on January 31, 2018 and a $35.35 campaign contribution from his PAC Treasurer Leigh-Anne Harrison on February 9, 2017.

Adam Ragan is running on a campaign of “integrity” and “Transparency” but is neglecting to disclose his involvement with a TUSD PAC while simultaneously running for TUSD board. Additionally, if elected he will possibly vote for these vendors who paid thousands and thousands of dollars to his PAC. The Yes for TUSD Kids PAC is currently active.

Reports from Pima County filings for committees$ are attached.





  1. It is unbelievable the deceitful ways Adam Ragan and Adelita Grijalva will go to be elected. These two lie through their teeth. It is rumored that Adam’s ex boyfriend is the one behind stealing all the oppositions signs. Adam and Adelita are running together to hold on to power, they are NO good for TUSD.

  2. Adam purports to be a “teacher” when the simple truth is he only recently gained his alternative teacher certificate and has 3 months of classroom experience. TUSD is too big and too complex for his disengenuous campaign of platitudes and personal ponderosities.

  3. Sounds like Cam and Krystal all over again – taking campaign money from vendors. This entire board and board cronies are disgusting.

  4. Reminds me of an old phrase. Birds of a feather flock together. Anyone endorsed by Adelita is the sole reason I didn’t vote for him.

  5. a shame is that the UNION supports ALL democraps and sent a flyer out saying to vote for the following. The problem is that all are DEMOCRAPS and have nothing to offer, yet the rank and file who dont have a clue will probably vote for these idiots and then wonder what went wrong if they get in.

    EVERYONE, even if you have to hold your nose needs to vote agains all the d’s if you want to improve anything at any level. The D’s lie with abandon and will promise much and deliver NOTHING.

  6. Rumor is that Adam’s exboyfriend is stealing sign and Adelita’s supporters have actually been caught and bragged about it. Iays alot about a person’s integreity when the only way they think they can win is to play dirty and break the law.

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