Sinema Sinking Poll Numbers Prompt Trump Calls For McSally

As Rep. Krysten Sinema’s poll numbers drop, efforts for Rep. Martha McSally’s campaign are ramping up. Those efforts include recorded phone calls from President Donald Trump urging last minute voters to show up to the polls on Tuesday.

President Trump’s calls are going out to voters in a number of states, as part of the RNC’s record-breaking get out the vote (GOTV) efforts.

Transcript of President Trump’s Early Voting Call

President Trump: Hello, this is President Donald Trump calling from the Republican National Committee. Early voting has already begun, and I need to you get out there and vote today. Vote Republican. We need those votes to make America great again.

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Transcript of President Trump’s Vote By Mail Call

President Trump: Hello, this is President Donald Trump calling from the Republican National Committee. You were there for me in 2016 when we won our historic victory. Now I need your help again. I need you to return your vote by mail ballot today. Don’t let the Democrats stop all of the progress we’ve made. They’re okay with crime. They’re okay with open borders. They’re okay with a military that’s not properly funded or not taking care of our vets. We need Republican votes. Vote Republican and return your vote by mail ballot today so we can keep making America great. Thank you.

RNC officials say President Trump’s “calls are icing on the cake in addition to the RNC’s already record-breaking volunteer voter contacts — the RNC is on pace to make 70 million voter contacts by election day.”

“Having worked closely with the RNC over the years, it’s exciting to see the incredible progress they’ve made as an organization and the work they are doing for our amazing candidates here in Arizona,” said conservative Latino organizer, Sergio Arellano.

The RNC’s investment –
• Cycle to date the RNC has placed over 550 staff in 28 key states across the country paired with over 25,000 highly trained Republican Leadership Initiative Fellows and over 250,000 volunteers.• The RNC will have dedicated nearly $10 million alone on digital GOTV efforts in the final weeks including $3 million dedicated to peer-to-peer texting.

• The RNC has transferred an additional $3.5 million to both the NRCC and NRSC.

• These efforts combined equal the largest mobilization ever by the RNC.

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In the wake of damaging Project Veritas videos featuring Rep. Kyrsten Sinema’s campaign staff, McSally’s camp is renewed and making a last minute push.

The RNC has been breaking records this year in order to stem what was touted as a “Blue Tide.” By the end of the election cycle, the RNC is expected to make 70 million volunteer voter contacts . That’s 20 million more contacts than 2016’s previous record of 50 million.

The RNC is investing $275 million in the 2018 cycle.


  1. Personal opinion: McSally is the lesser of the two evils. ALL OF THEM HAVE THIS IN COMMON: They will say anything to get elected. Both have lied about their voting records. Both have switched their positions on the issues at hand to appear more attractive to the undecided. Agreed, six years is a really long time to live with a bad decision but who ya gonna call? Frankly, I’m hoping John Kyl will keep McShame’s seat. If Sinema actually does get in maybe he can bring the tutu princess to heel and straighten out her thinking…. righteo.

    • better the rino then the idiot lefty. Just think, she has shown her bought and paid for effort with all the tv and radio ads vs mcsilly. That money didnt come from the folks of az.

    • McSally seems to be the lesser of the two evils. Let’s face it: both will say anything to get elected; both have lied about their voting records; both have done an about-face on the current issues to get elected. Agreed, it’s a very long six years to deal with someone who will just do whatever they want regardless of the people who they are supposed to represent. But, who ya gonna call? I’d rather go with someone who at the very least, supports our flag and veterans. Sinema does NOT and never will. As far as I am concerned, Sinema is the wolf in grandma’s nightie waiting to eat you alive.

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