NAU, Coconino Community College Student Hikers Rescued From Snowbowl

An injured hiker was rescued off Humphreys Peak by Coconino County Search and Rescue and Arizona Snowbowl.

On November 12, at approximately 9:20 a.m., the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office received a call about an injured hiker above the Humphrey’s Saddle on the Humphrey’s Peak Trail. A party of three hikers from Flagstaff, identified as 24-year-old NAU student Salvatore Bonanno, 20-year-old Coconino Community College student Christian Matthew and 19-year-old Coconino Community College student Ethan Murray, reported that they were hiking the trail when one slipped on some ice and sustained a shoulder injury.

The hikers reported the injured person could not walk and requested a helicopter to pick them up. As Search and Rescue teams were responding, the Arizona Department of Public Safety Northern Air Rescue helicopter responded and visually located the hikers but was unable to assist with the rescue due to the high winds. The temperature on the ridge at 12,000 feet near where the hikers were located, was 17 degrees with winds of 56 miles per hour.

Coconino County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue and Guardian Medical Transport personnel were transported by Arizona Snowbowl Snow Cats to the Midway catwalk to access the Humphrey’s Peak Trail.

At approximately 12:30 p.m., rescuers reached the hiking party and began to treat the injured hiker. The injured hiker’s arm was splinted and he was assisted in hiking down the trail. The Sheriff’s Office Snow Cat was used to transport the hikers and rescuers from the Midway Catwalk back to the Agassiz Lodge. The injured hiker refused additional medical care.

The hikers had started the hike at 4:30 a.m., When interviewed after the rescue, the group told rescue personnel they had checked the weather and felt prepared for the hike. The hikers had minimal outer wear, clothing and gear for the conditions they faced.

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  1. Idiots. Please don’t hurt your shoulder and call for a helicopter to pluck you off the mountain. Then, once the search & rescue VOLUNTEERS come get you, you refuse treatment…. wow

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