Be Afraid Of Serious Science: Sunday’s Comic

“Serious” scientists proposed a sun shade of sorts….. other people panic…

“If We Don’t Do Something People Will Die!”
By James T. Harris

Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) declared that if the U.S. Congress does not act on climate change as soon as possible, “people are going to die.”

“People are going to die if we don’t start addressing climate change ASAP,” she said. “It’s not enough to think it’s ‘important.’ We must make it urgent.” But what if ‘We the People’ don’t believe in man-made climate change? Then what? Only liberals make it their business to tell us what we must do then promise death if we don’t comply!

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  1. If according to Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) who declared “people are going to die if Congress does not act on climate change as soon as possible”, can we use
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) as the test subject?

    The Oracle

  2. Psst! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, please note in your notebook of “Cortez Craniums” that all people evently die – it’s our final exit.

  3. The democrat party is now out in the open Socialist. Guns, God, & laws are no longer acceptable in our country, just ask Gabby & her gun grabbing husband. JFK would’t belong to this budding communist party organization today.

  4. Belief is belief. Facts are facts. The two often don’t go together. Oceans are rising, Our desert is hotter — check your air conditioning bills for the summer months year-to-year. Less snowpack, less Colorado River water, shrinking Lake Mead.

    Climate change became an in-your-face reality to me in the 1990s. I grew up in New York City and several of us escaped the streets by hitchhiking to the South Jersey Pine Barrens, a semi-wilderness in the middle of the northeast megalopolis. Mosquitoes were fierce, and every two or three trips I’d pick up a big wood tick.

    Working in DC in 1970 I read all about the ruins that we had wandered around which, it turned out, dated back to the American Revolution and before, so I spent a vacation week hiking the Barrens, visiting forgotten towns. The mosquitoes were still there.

    Back on the West Coast, in the 1990s I went east to a family picnic in North Jersey and made a side trip to the Pine Barrens. Every place I came in contact with brush I was swarmed on by tiny, Lyme Disease-carrying deer ticks. Through the eyelets of my shoes. Rangers said kids no longer play in the woods, and that the ticks were showing up in the sand at the beaches. On a mowed lawn I picked up three ticks.

    The ticks were always there, hut each winter there would be a big die-off and they started over again in spring. Now there is no die-off, and their numbers grow and grow. I know people with Lyme Disease. They are still alive…with crippled hands
    and sudden fevers. So, yes, climate change is real, and it has consequences. Facts.

  5. All the while Al Gore flies around in his private jet spewing more carbon monoxide into the atmosphere he continues to make millions on junk science. First it was global warming. And now it is “ climate change.” There are actually more scientist who don’t believe this nonsense than do. But don’t tell the lamestream media giants who like pushing the far left agenda.

    Cortez is looking to cash in on her first term right along with the rest of the democraps. That’s is the new motto for socialist Dems. Make as many zombie voters who rely on big brother as posssible. Legally and illegally by all means possible. And presto. They control everything by the “little people” who keep voting in their freebies.

    In the meantime I will continue to believe in a higher authority before I put my trust and faith in government. Remember folks any government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take everything. The new frontier of fear mongering.

    But then what do I know? I am just a poor working sap who pays his bills and his taxes and doesn’t rely on hand outs to take responsibility for myself or my family.

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