Roberts Regrets? Sunday’s Comic

In the Case of Trump vs. Roberts, the President Prevails
By Stephen B. Presser

Who gets it right, President Donald Trump or Chief Justice John Roberts? The president earlier this week attacked “Obama judges,” whom he believes are erroneously interpreting the law and the Constitution to frustrate his administration’s policy initiatives. The chief justice told the Associated Press on Wednesday there is no such partisan thing. All federal judges, Roberts explained, essentially are noble public servants striving selflessly to apply a neutral rule of law.

The president, of course, is correct—though we can wish that the chief justice were, too….

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  1. All the Chief Justice has to do is review why the renegade 9th Circuit decisions are so frequently overturned by decisions he wrote or voted for to see he is wrong and President Trump is right. Like no other Circuit Court in our history, the 9th Circuit has made a practice of the nullification of the laws it disagrees with in order to reach the political ends it and the Obama Democrats prefer. Roberts needs to get his head out of the sand or stop lying to the American people.

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