Lack Of Confidence In Pima County Supervisors Doomed Road Bond

 Why is Pima County, one of the highest taxed county, the only county in the country who cannot pave their roads and maintain them with the exorbitant money we already give them? I might add that Marana, Oro Valley and other municipalities in Pima have manage to do it.

This is the first question to be explored. There are 2 reasons why the bonds failed.

First, the people of Pima have No Confidence in Huckelberry. We have watched him do the money shuffle so many times are heads are spinning. Secondly, which explains your analysis on where the bonds failed, has to do with the consist rejection by the county to handle issues of the unincorporated area residents. I have no illusion that any of our interior roads will be fixed or maintained because as the county has told us many times, “they are not county roads”. Why the county would allow Certificates of Occupancy to be issued to houses built on non-county roads amazes me. It sets up residents for lifelong neglect by the county; however, the county continues raising our taxes (currently $5500) but giving us nothing in services. It is the ultimate of taxation without representation.

When our main road into many homes where no longer drivable, our neighbors collected over $20,000 from residents to fix them. We built a beautiful road. We maintain our own road fixing budget based on donations from neighbors who do care and could afford to contribute the initial $1000 per household and pot holes are filled. When it is time to completely resurface, we will have to fund it ourselves. This was the second road completely resurfaced over the past 18 years through our own contributions.  The county pays for nothing. The only thing we get is one sheriff’s deputy to patrol our area. We pay out of pocket for trash, fire protection and ambulance service. We are taxed for schools, libraries, parks, etc., although there are few children in our area.

We have zero confidence in our Board of Supervisors except for Ally Miller who can give you a complete list of where the money is to fix the roads. Huckelberry has built of huge county empire unnecessary to meet our needs but does meet his ego and cronies.  Why is Pima County the only county who cannot pave their roads with money we give them? Because Huckelberry and his 3 pawns on the Board of supervisors use it as their own personal piggy bank. I for one would never vote to give Huckelberry another penny. Until he is fired and until we unseat Elias, Valadez and Bronson through election or recall, I will continue to pay over $5500 a year in taxes and get nothing for it.


  1. And yet the cronies will continue to have their people elected and more sweet deals like World View and construction contracts will come down the pike to them.

    • as it seems to be turning out ‘World View” became a military contract – where’s the county pay back for all of these booked flights if this is the case

  2. Good points, and Stellar over at the Star said it’s because the citizens “really don’t care. . .”. Change the Board and make them spend the HURF dollars where they belong. Enough with the cronyism in this County!!

  3. WE have the same issue except that no one has asked for funds to grade our road, several people with tractors help grade the road.

  4. Until the voters kick the 4 BOD of directors out who bow to King Chuck nothing will change. Christy doesn’t have the cajones to go up against him. When you have election officials that FIND BALLOTS weeks after the election you know how they keep in power. Thanks Chuck for ALL the Chuckholes you have created.

    • That’s funny but I would revise it to say “The voters who keep electing the same idiots are D A F period.” There are some of us who try electing different people.

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