1. Speaking for myself, what is immoral about trying to protect the borders of your own country? In my opinion, total stupidity is immoral. Therefore I find Nancy to be immoral.

  2. Talk about immoral what a hypocrite. She is the most corrupt and morally bankrupt pol in existence! Everything is for her and her alone and she will say/do anything to retain POWER and the ‘people’ representatives kowtow to her every wish. She is party only and ALWAYS, and it is very seldom you hear of any democrap voting against her demands.

  3. Hey Nancy, how about taking all the ILLEGALS into your beloved state of California. That should work just right…….Stupid is as stupid does. The immigration mess in Europe means nothing to you does it? Thought not.

    • Sadly Nancy is the poster child for what is wrong with the modern day Democratic party.
      Her visionary idea of leadership makes Hitler, Stalin and Mao look like pacifist saints.

      The Oracle

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