306 Illegal Aliens Surrender To Border Patrol Near Tucson

Large group apprehended in Arizona. [Photo from U.S. Customs and Border Protection]

On Wednesday night and Thursday morning, 2 groups totaling 306 Central Americans surrendered to Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents near the international border, according to U. S. Customs and Border Protection.

The groups were comprised of family units, to include juveniles and pregnant women, largely from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.  

Agents from the Ajo Border Patrol Station patrolling on the border 15 miles west of Lukeville found 242 migrants on Wednesday.

On Thursday morning, agents from the Casa Grande Station patrolling the border on the Tohono O’odham Nation encountered a group of 64 migrants who gave themselves up,  reported U. S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Border Patrol agents conducted an initial screening on site, which consisted of an interview and observation of the detainees to identify any health or safety issues requiring emergency evacuation. The initial screening identified one pregnant woman and four children requiring immediate care.

The five subjects were transported to a hospital in Goodyear, treated and released to Ajo Border Patrol Station agents for further processing. Subjects not requiring emergency medical attention were transported to Tucson for further processing and medical evaluation by Border Patrol paramedics. 

Listen to National Border Patrol Council Vice President Art del Cueto discuss recent border activity on KFYI’s James T. Harris show

In Tucson, an additional nine children, ages 1 to 13, were identified as having flu-like symptoms and were taken to a local hospital for further treatment. 


  1. Stop funding foreign countries. Put money for what we need a wall. What do foreign countries do for us. Unless you call sending us their sick. Criminals sex offenders. Pregnant girls. So they can multiply. Take away from what our own citizens need. Ridiculous.

  2. Yep, coming in here illegally, dragging sick kids and pregnant women across thousands of miles of hell, just to get here and get a free ride. I say we cut off all aid to their home countries, which is in the triple-digit billions of dollars. No need paying for their country to take care of them and then bringing them here so we can pay for them again. Cut off the aide, use the money to build the wall. Once they stop coming in, and the rest of the illegals are deported, then we’ll discuss helping them out again.

  3. we have three immigrants – permanent resident status – that have all become citizens of the USA that are now employed by us – do a great job – American’s.

    Me being the first born of an alien who came to America from Mexico – who became an American when I was about 5 years old – I can see what happens first hand – what they want – it’s universal. Should it outpace meeting the needs of our own citizens – NO – Does immigration need to be reformed – without question. Does what the Democrats want with regards to open borders fix anything – if you want one global system – I DO NOT – it’s about globalism, socialism ‘no thanks’

  4. These are the invaders that could not get through at San Diego. The UN/Cartel activists are now funneling them to AZ and New Mexico because there are NO fences here and no hard opposition to stopping them from setting foot on US soil. Take them straight to the airport and put them on planes and send them to DC. Send enough of them and Congress will get the message. Those ivory tower elites don’t have a clue who or what illegals are. There are not enough of them in DC. Sick of this!! Build the damn wall.

  5. Wow, wonder how much the bill for them will be?? And who pays for it??? Any guesses all you ILLEGAL lovers??? Thats right, the taxpayer. What skills do they bring with them? What health issues do they bring with them? What education level do they bring with them? Where will they live?? Who will pay for all of this?? You got it, the taxpayer. Gee, we have citizens here who are in the same shape but the ILLEGALS go to the front of the line. How sad. This country is on the downhill slide thanks to immigration of the “best and brightest…”

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