ADI’s Top Stories Of 2018

From a tweet about the health of the late Senator John McCain to a perennial favorite penned in 2013 about drinking cactus water, the Arizona Daily Independent’s offerings were read millions of times across the globe.

With 2018 almost at an end, it is time to look back at the news and opinions that caught readers’ attention…..

The reflection of Senator John McCain in his wife’s sunglasses during a selfie session appears to show a withering statesman.

McCain Tweet Shows Frail Condition


On March 3, Sen. John McCain tweeted a selfie with his wife Cindy. The senator received mostly well wishes from his Twitter followers.

The reflection of the senator in Ms. McCain’s sunglasses appears to show a withering statesman.

A picture tweeted out earlier this month of the McCains with Cardinal super star Larry Fitzgerald at the McCain’s compound in Cornville, Arizona, raised concerns for the senator’s health. This latest tweet does not give the public confidence that the senator will return to the Senate any time soon.

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