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Proposition 127: A Look Behind The Propaganda


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I don’t watch much television, but joined my mate one recent afternoon and was immediately hit with slick commercials attacking Arizona’s Proposition 127, the initiative that would require power companies to derive 50 percent of their electricity from renewable sources by the year 2030, 12 years from now.  The ads shrieked that consumer costs would hit the ceiling, with a thousand dollar-a-year-increase, a powerful inducement to vote no for those middle- and working-class voters whose wages have been stagnant for years.  Here in the Southern Arizona summer my A/C use drove my Trico bill up to a record $359 last month, and that’s a lot for a fixed-income senior. But that thousand-dollar pitch didn’t ring true to me, so I did some research.

Current law sets a goal of 15 percent renewable energy by 2025.  That answers one friend’s concern about Arizonans not liking being told what we “have to do.”  The law already says what we “have to do” and Prop. 127 simply amends that to have the power companies make a bigger effort, with annual oversight by the elected Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC).  Twenty other states already have higher renewable energy standards than Arizona, including neighboring Nevada and New Mexico, so it’s not like we are looking at an impossible burden.  Those stats come from a National Electric Rate Study done by the Lincoln, Nebraska, Electric System.

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