Cold Day For AZ Establishment: Sunday’s Comic

The Day Hell Froze Over in Arizona
Posted by Arizona Freedom Alliance on January 26, 2019

The Statutory Meeting of the Arizona Republican Party started off like these meetings always do. A little business, introductions, a five minute speech by Gov. Doug Ducey, the titular head of the AZ Republican Party. This gave no hint of what was to come. And come it did.

When it came time to vote for new Chairman and Secretary (Treasurer had no opposition), the credentials was finally announced. This is usually announced early in the morning but for some reason, that was delayed this time. We could speculate as to why that was, but we won’t. Credentials showed 1236 State Commmitteemen there in person or by the dreaded proxy. There was a tension in the room, an air of suspicion….

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  1. A little sunshine is great….. Now lets wash the last vestages of little Johnnie down the toilet where the belong. Bye John, it wasn’t good to know you. Thanks for your service but as a politician you were a crooked as they come.

  2. I’m glad to see others in the GOP share the same negative opinion of the AZ GOP leadership and their ties to corruption. The Governor will continue to be an embarrassment.

    Dr Ward, get to work, ask for help, we are ready to help getting the GOP back on track.

  3. I’ll help in any way I can to make Kelli successful and get GOP back to the party of Goldwater and erase anything McCain created. YIPPEE!

  4. It’s as if the sun has finally reappeared after a prolonged nuclear McWinter.
    I never would have guessed that enough soap existed to wash our hands clean of the McCain stain. This viper might headless, but even in death it’ll still try to strike those it fears.
    Best of luck Keli Ward, you’ll need it.

    The Oracle

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