Smugglers Intercepted By CBP Port Of San Luis Officers

TUCSON – U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers arrested a San Luis, Sonora, Mexico, man and Phoenix woman Wednesday for separate alleged attempts to smuggle 58 pounds of methamphetamine and heroin through the Port of San Luis.

Officers referred a 39-year-old Mexican national for additional inspection of his Chevy sedan as he attempted to enter the U.S. early Wednesday morning. After a CBP narcotics detection canine alerted to a scent it was trained to detect coming from within the front bumper, a search led to the discovery of multiple packages of narcotics. The drugs were identified as nearly 55 pounds of meth, worth an estimated value of nearly $164,000 as well as almost three pounds of heroin, worth more than $74,000.

Later that morning, officers at the pedestrian lanes referred a 27-year-old Phoenix woman for further inspection as she attempted to enter the U.S. After a CBP canine alerted to the presence of drugs, officers searched and located a single package of meth within her undergarments. The package was determined to be just over a pound of meth, worth more than $3,000.

Officers seized the drugs and the vehicle, while both subjects were arrested and turned over to U.S. Immigration and Cust


  1. BUILD THE WALL so smugglers will HAVE to come through the ports. What we don’t know Albert, although we do know human sex & slave traffickers don’t bring children & other humans through the ports, is exactly how high the # is. Does that make you a baby killer? Isn’t it all about the children for the democrats?

  2. Incorrect. The majority of the drugs CAUGHT and publicized are at the ports of entry but the majority of the drugs that come into the US come across the border at areas other than the ports of entry. The purpose of the wall, along with other barriers and technology along the border, frees up the CBP personnel to stop illegal aliens, drugs, sex trafficking and cartels from entering the US as well as saving the lives of illegals who are dumped in the desert by drug cartels when they become a burden.

  3. Since most drugs come through the ports of entry in trucks and cars, and not from immigrants on foot seeking asylum, why don’t we do the intelligent thing and put more resources into inspection and interdiction at those ports of entry? Would be much more effective than a wall.

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