What is a Republican?

What is a Republican? Is it a person from the country club?  Is it a person that drives the latest and greatest automobile? Is it someone that dresses in the latest fashion?  Is it someone that gets up every morning and puts on a uniform and heads off to work?  Is it the mailman, delivery person, the soldier, the CEO, the gas station worker? Is being a Republican held to a specific gender, ethnicity, sexual preference, or skin color? If this is what you think, hold on to your britches, it is all of these and none of these.

Republicans go by many names, Republicans, Moderates, RINOs TEA Party Patriots, Trumpanzees, conservatives and many expletives that democrats like to hurl our way.  In fairness, many of our ranks hurl them right back.  Maybe it is time to put these labels away. Maybe it is time to put party differences aside and remember who we all are.  Before any other labels can be pinned on us, we need to remember that we’re all Americans.  This comes before our gender, our skin color, our respective state. It is time to remember that above all else.

As an American, what makes us a Republican?  Is it our family? No.  Is it our profession? No, Is it where we live? No. Then, what is it? It is a set of shared principles that allow us to come together to share in a brother and sisterhood.  It is the belief that, We the People are no better or worse than one another.  It is the belief that, We the People can arise to the highest heights or live the lowest lows based on our personal aspirations.  It is the belief that We the People are responsible to ourselves, our families, and our communities.  It is We the People who believe that charity starts at home and motivates us to give and serve. It is We the People.

What do Republicans believe in? Is it a group thought? Do we all share an Orwellian belief system without room for difference of opinion? No. What we share is the belief that we are all stronger because of the diversity of our opinions and beliefs.  We don’t ostracize one another because we don’t believe the exact same way.  Normally, we seek understanding because it makes us all stronger.  There are times where this doesn’t happen, and we must stand up to the slings and arrows of our fellow Republicans.  This is normal in any group, team, and family.  The key to our survival is the ability to seek consensus.  What makes us stronger is the ability to work together for the benefit of our nation

Strengths and weaknesses can be measured in a multitude of ways.  What are some of our weaknesses? The first one that comes to mind is those of us who came from other parties and do not embrace the ideals that make the Republican party what it is.  While it is good to have variations of opinion, it is not healthy to subvert the very core of who we are as a party.  While we are open to all, we ask that you be baptized in the party principles, leave behind the former beliefs and embrace those that drew you in.  The democrat principles of division have no place in our party.  Each of us brings knowledge, wisdom, experience, and strength and it can only be ruined by divisiveness.

What gives us strength?  The ability to think for ourselves is the greatest asset we have.  This is what separates us from the animal kingdom.  This is what enables us to grow and succeed. Is there something we can do to make us better, stronger, more alive? YES! This is something the democrats have been able to do and we’re late to the party.  That’s ok, when we show up, we know where the fun is.  What is it you ask? It is our younger generations.

What makes younger generations more appealing? We were all there once! We remember what it was like to be carefree and have that idealistic vision of the future.  Remember when you were younger? You were going to take over the world! You were going to be a millionaire, billionaire, pilot, astronaut, firefighter, police officer, teacher… What happened? Life happened, and we grew up! Did that stop us from our embracing our beliefs? Did we allow that to prevent us from believing in our founding documents? Did that stop us from embracing our faith? NO! Some of us, just the opposite!

What separates us from our democrat counterparts is the undying belief in our nation and the exceptionalism we strive to portray daily.  Our nation is built on the foundation that we are one.  E Pluribus Unum, Latin for Out of Many, One.  We all need to take a break from hostility, remember who we are as a nation, and extend the olive branch.  We must agree we have different beliefs but that doesn’t weaken us, it makes us stronger.

Over my 20 plus years in the military, the various assignments, deployments, and temporary duties, I had the opportunities to work side by side with people that I disagreed with.  I had the opportunity to work with people that differed in politics, religion, skin color, and gender yet didn’t allow it to prevent me from being friends with or considering them family.  We focused on one goal, one mission.

Let’s all take some time, read our national platform, figure out how it fits into our neighborhood, our city, our state, and make it work for us.  We are the champions of true reform, we are the champions of civil rights movements, We Are the Champions. Let’s not forget it.


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Chris King is a veteran, community leader, member of the Pima County GOP Executive Committee. Mr. King is an expert in international security.


  1. “Do we all share an Orwellian belief system without room for difference of opinion? No. What we share is the belief that we are all stronger because of the diversity of our opinions and beliefs. We don’t ostracize one another because we don’t believe the exact same way. Normally, we seek understanding because it makes us all stronger. There are times where this doesn’t happen, and we must stand up to the slings and arrows of our fellow Republicans.”

    You seem to have left out the rino’s, who are in for self only. The mclames, the flakes, who can only say what ya want to hear and get elected/reelected doing so (just like the dems) and really deliver NOTHING! Why is there not a republican group in pima co? No I dont mean one where you go to rah, rah but a group who can try and sell the ideals and the party. Hell I dont even get junk mail from the group up in east LA but I am inundated with stuff from the dc crowd mainly asking for $$. These guys want the $$ to support the people who DO NOT really represent the party at all and then they send a questionair to fill out and OBTW can you send $$ to process! Yes the repubs do represent for the most part what I believe, BUT they really do not put up good quality candidates to run. They must be bought and sold as the democraps normally run an un-electable type so the repub can get back in and continue with the status quo. The repubs do the same thing for the dems, just look at the mclame run for president. The sacrificial goat from the party as they knew he could not win and the others had just quit when they didn’t want to expose themselves to a big loss. Both parties are corrupt and neither in most cases care for the individual in the party it seems.

  2. The democrat party as it exists today must be destroyed, or they will destroy America as we know it.

  3. Nice read. Buy, you still don’t understand the Liberal/Democrat mind-set.

    If a Liberal/Democrat actually witness a Democrat office holder murder anyone; they would shake their head, turn around and walk away. Their brains would not acknowledge what they just saw. And if anyone accuses the office holder of a crime, the Liberal/Democrat would defend him wholeheartedly.

    The Democrat Narratives MUST be protected at ALL costs.

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