Solving the crisis and anarchy the Democrats created is pro-immigrant

Border Patrol recorded more than 3,700 apprehensions along the Southwest Border in one day in March — the largest single day total in more than a decade. [Photo courtesy CBP]

For far too long, Democrats have been able to frame their willful indifference to the tragedy unfolding on our southern border as “pro-immigrant.”

The corollary, always implied and often explicit, is that President Trump and anyone else opposed to illegal migration is “anti-immigrant” and even racist.

The entire premise is absurd. President Trump and the Republican Party have always supported immigration — they simply believe it should take place on America’s terms and for America’s benefit.

Today, that means emphasizing merit-based immigration — encouraging highly qualified foreign workers who are ready to contribute the most to the American economy and to take the steps necessary to come to our country legally, not through uncontrolled streams of Central America’s poorest citizens challenging our border enforcement system with bogus claims of asylum.

Supporting the latter is what Democrats mean by “pro-immigrant.” The results have been tragic and unsustainable, and to deny there is a crisis is no longer a tenable position. The law enforcement professionals who are all that stand between us and the complete disintegration of our borders are unequivocal: the crisis has pushedour system “beyond the breaking point.”

Even Barack Obama’s own Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh Johnson, acknowledged that “By anyone’s definition, by any measure, right now we have a crisis at our southern border.”

It would be bad enough if this were an oversight, but it’s not. This crisis was created intentionally by a Democrat Party that hopes unchecked illegal immigration will deliver election victories for liberal candidates.

The Democrats brought us to our current breaking point with years of outright refusal to meaningfully enforce immigration laws and incessant pandering to the mostly-white activists who think mass third-world migration is a moral imperative.

As the President correctly noted at his Grand Rapids rally last week, left-wing political money has sent an army of immigration lawyers toteach “caravaners” and other faux asylum seekers the magic words they need to say to be allowed to disappear into our country.

The results are as predictable as they are tragic. Our legal asylum system has become an overloaded, unsustainable joke, and the news has filtered back to source countries, encouraging even more illegal immigration. Groups numbering in the dozens turned to hundreds, then thousands, and now tens of thousands of economic migrants seeking to invade our country.

To this day, the leaders of the Democratic Party remain adamantly opposed to border security and merit-based immigration. Presidential hopeful Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, for example,kicked off his campaign by declaring that mass immigration across the southern border by asylum seekers actually makes our communities safer.

Fortunately, and at long last, we have a President prepared to call the liberals’ bluff. Ridiculous accusations that the desire to end this crisis and institute an orderly immigration system on our own terms is “anti-immigrant” won’t cut it after the President’s enthusiasticendorsement of increased merit-based immigration at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February.

If Democrats continue to refuse, as they have throughout the Trump presidency, to support reasonable border security solutions and provide the funding and resources we need to secure the border and remove illegal aliens in a safe and orderly fashion, President Trump has made clear there is another route: cutting off aid to the source countries in the northern triangle of Central America, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, as well as possibly closing the border with Mexico entirely. This would force those countries, not us, to bear the consequences of the caravans until they are prepared to act as real partners to counter them.

All of the forces of the open-borders consensus — Democrats, immigration lawyers, liberal activists, and the mainstream media — will have to come to terms with the fact that merit-based immigration is the only way forward.

Democrats often accuse President Trump of being “anti-immigrant,” but it was their policies that created the humanitarian catastrophe we are now witnessing on the southern border.

Securing the border and introducing a merit-based immigration system is perhaps the most pro-immigrant approach we can take.


  1. They are not immigrants They are
    illegal alians
    They are breaking American Laws
    They come here to steal, cheat, lie,
    Their first step on American soil is based on lies.
    Why would we want this type of people here, they have no Respect for you, or our Laws

  2. Lets all talk about Now
    The Dems are looking the other way Blind Deaf Dumb
    They said No Crisis at Border
    Well here its
    They refused to see who is the President Of Our USA
    They refuse to hear Americans
    Voices that say Close the Borders
    Stop illegals
    They are Blind Deaf and very Dumb

  3. The Democrats and their open border policies are at fault now. Prior to the Trump administration, both parties were. At this point, our president is doing his best to stem the tide of illegals into the US. All the democrats want to do is anything that is against his policies. They don’t care about their citizens anymore. Only themselves,and their election to office.

  4. WRONG to blame it on the Democrats. During Bush’s second term and during Obama’s second term the Senate passed immigration reform bills, both votes were bipartisan. In both cases the Republican controlled House refused to even take a vote. Refused to vote. On immigration reform bills. Passed in the Senate.

    I think there is a much stronger case to be made that it is the GOP that is responsible for our immigration mess. If you can take yourself out of the Trump fog of lies long enough, I think you’ll see.

    • The democrats are still to blame the so called immigration policies the republicans voted against had more pork barrel Downingtown actual immigration laws. The democrats refusal to see the problems at the border now also put them at fault. They don’t listen to the border patrol or the citizens along the border. Then the so called sanctuary cities which are illegal are controlled by democrats throwing safety out the window for the citizens in that city. So out the blame where it belongs in the democrats who is controlled by Soros.

      • Steve you’re so right I think the only reasons why the democrats vote against everything the President does is 30% just to irritate him because they didn’t want him elected and 70% they have something to hide. Can the President have Pelosi, Schumer ,the crazy new green deal girl, and especially the Muslin woman ( I forget names sorry) investigated ? I mean if the President was investigated why can’t he investigate them? Most people I know would like to know their personal business and what they do ,maybe tax returns? Can’t wait until this Mueller report is all out. I hope the President gets to rub it in and make them all cry and throw some tantrums, would be good tv. Please can we have them impeached?

        • Sorry I didn’t mean impeached, I meant can’t he get to step down? They should have no raises for 5 years, I mean if the people have to live like that they should too? IThey need to have to have Obama care until the President changes it. Kmj(yg t @The President gives his salary to charity, how much have they given to charities since he took office? I think Trump is one of the best Presidents we have had. I like the way he thinks and he’s not a politician he is a businessman.And that’s what America needs. I have not heard what Pelosi, Schumer, or the other 2 nuts I mentioned earlier stand on abortion, late term, and the one in Virginia where they can decide after the babies are born to just kill them? And they should have their home state and their own personal houses be the Sanctuary cities there. They talk so much about letting aliens come across I think it’s time for them to put up or shut up. We may never see that happen. I pray for my President that the Lord will bless him and his family.To give him Wisdom and strength physically and mentally to get through the tough times. I love when he is just being his honest self,And I pray for my country, the soldiers that protect us in foreign countries that hate them and America. Rant over

  5. The past year has been grim for emerging markets, with currency collapses, IMF rescues and Venezuela’s descent toward anarchy. — James Mackintosh, WSJ ,

  6. Actually, Ms. Brewer, it was bipartisan policies that created the humanitarian crisis, along with America’s increasing demand for more and cheaper drugs. Please see parts 3 and 4 this coming and next Sunday of my Perspectives on Immigration series in ADI. Why ADI? Because “the truth is neither liberal nor conservative — it is the truth.”

    And to avoid yet another humanitarian crisis, tell the president you are so fond of to stop destabilizing Venezuela — with power failures that kill children in hospitals — or that’s where the next caravans will be coming from.

    • Frankly al, you are so confused that after reading a couple of you articles, I will pass on the next. I have commented and you have not responded, not even to put me in my place. There can be no dialogue when only one is talking at and not listening to enough to respond.

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