Pima Board of Supervisors Little More Than A Death Panel

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Stephanie Pullman died last year after APS shut her electricity off prior to a 107-degree day. The public was outraged over the fact that they shut her power off over a $52 delinquent bill.

The Pima County Board of Supervisors look to impose both primary and secondary property taxes that will far surpass $52 for the average Pima County homeowner. Where is the outrage?

What does that $52 mean to the senior citizen taxpayer that already has to choose between eating and paying utility bills?


Furthermore, what does that mean to the next generation of prospective homeowners in Pima County?

For a sizeable segment, the answer is to move out of Pima County to someplace where the property taxes are lower, the roads are better, and the administration isn’t as corrupt.

Pima County voters will not even be afforded the opportunity to vote on this tax increase as it requires a simple majority vote of the Board of Supervisors as part of the annual budget.

Supervisor Ally Miller proposed a tax neutral budget to the Board of Supervisors on June 4, 2019. Unless her proposal is adopted, the rest of the board is complicit in the pending injuries and potential deaths of Pima County residents.

Taxes are as certain as death in our nation. For a majority of Pima County supervisors, taxes are the only source of revenue for the Board of Supervisors with the exception of one, Ally Miller of District 1. Supervisor Miller’s constituents pay over 1/3 of the property taxes for Pima County, followed by Supervisor Christy’s District 4 which is on the hook for over ¼ of the county bill. This leaves the rest of the county responsible for less than 40% of the funds for the entire county. This is NOT the first time most of us have heard this. Unfortunately, it will not be the last if the county continues to tax the residents to the point of destitution.

If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would think that was part of the plan for Pima County. Tax, tax, tax, and tax some more until you’ve bled the entire county of any type of money, or prosperity that could be the key to our great state. If Pima County continues down this road of tax on tax on tax, there will not be any young people left to earn money and there will not be any senior citizens to spend the money they earned elsewhere. This is not just wrong, this is evil.

Forcing people out of their homes under the power of tax is not what our founders had in mind. We the People MUST put a stop to this and change the voting structure of the Board of Supervisors next year. We must do it before it’s too late and your grandmother, grandfather, or infant child or grandchild end up as Stephanie Pullman did. Dead for not being able to pay the taxman, also known as the Pima County Board of Death.

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Chris King is a veteran, community leader, member of the Pima County GOP Executive Committee. Mr. King is an expert in international security.


  1. Is there election fraud? Someone should look into it, because the same lame, corrupt people (with the exception of Ally Miller) keep getting re-elected, DESPITE widespread complaints and dissatisfaction with board members’ performance. How is this happening except through voter fraud?

  2. All we need is a republican to beat Sharon Bronson and then the out of control spending could be brought under control. Until then the residents of Pima Couty should consider a motion to take away the power of the purse from them so they cannot raise our property taxes without our approval

  3. Pathetic cartel and gangs rule Tucson and pima county.maybe citizens should question loyalties. Board of supervisors want to turn over control as a sanctuary city….hell no. This is America but now a craphole. Sorry been here for 40 yrs and have watched it go downhill.

  4. Have a tenant-landlord issue,he razed barn on property after signing new lease.left foundation. Now horse is crippled due to him not completing tearout of barn.refused to pay rent or monies towards purchase of property.long story….need help….asap. eviction notice served 4 am by pima county.

  5. The Pima County and City of Tucson want to raise our Property Taxes and they always will, as they are both out of Control. Businesses are closing – Lost Tax Revenue. Amazon has been built yet they pay no taxes. There is no accounting to the lost of revenue from the Legalized Marijuana Merchants; which such’d be considerable. The Pima Council on Aging does nothing to help and the largest generation in history keep getting screwed! Know who you are voting for.

  6. It’s time to audit the Pima County Board of Supervisors. Their methods for hiring contractors is suspect in essence based on they seem to do business with only certain contractors. Continue to make it difficult for the senior citizens who do need assistants who do need some help with their taxes not to be harassed and scared out of their wits that they’re going to lose their homes. A very very small property tax bill of about $100 was assessed a $1,600 penalty for a late payments. That senior citizens income was less than $9,000 a year. Board of Supervisors need to go without utilities and food. Time to audit them, time to make them aware that we are the ones who control their jobs.

  7. This $52 tax increase to average homeowner is a $600 tax increase to typical small business. Commercial valuations average close to $1 million as compared to $150,000 residential and they pay at 18% rate instead if 10%.

    Could this put a small local business out of business?

  8. Cash strapped seniors are taxed beyond their ability to pay. Property taxes have no relationship to ability to pay. The American Dream Act AZ, a citizens initiative constitutional amendment for the 2020 ballot, eliminates all property taxes on the Arizona primary legal residence of US citizens over age 65. Details are at AmericanDreamActAZ.com.

    • Boy, Lynne Weaver.

      If that ever passed, the liberals
      would really start pushing the
      Obamacare “Soylent Green” solution
      for older Americans. [naturally
      “redistributing” their wealth upon
      their peaceful demise]

  9. Foremost on the minds of the Huckleberry
    crime hounds will be; “can they gerrymander
    District 1 to replace the only responsible

  10. Great artical! I work in Mexico a 3rd. world country and most roads are better then in Tucson. Bad roads are another tax on the poor. May I say a tax upon tax upon tax upon tax.

  11. You’d more than likely have more luck convincing the corporate authorities of Walmart, Big Lots, Ace Hardware, John Deere, Home Depot, CVS Drug Stores or Walgreens, to open up their store branches in Willcox, AZ. I dare say, with those stores there, a lot of Pima County residents who are weary of paying such astronomical property taxes would high-tail it to Cochise County in the Willcox area if that were the case! Imagine; a community revived through coordinated corporate cooperation in Cochise County, AZ! It would attract other businesses to the Willcox area. The Pima County B of S isn’t listening to the tax payers, with the blessed exception of Ally Miller who cares about us.

  12. The Pima County Board of Supervisors are always doing something to discourage good paying businesses from coming to this area. Just a month ago they voted to continue fighting the Rosemont Copper project, which will provide millions of dollars to county coffers.

  13. This story puts the newest tax increase into prospective. For some $52/year is “nothing”, for others $52/year is everything. Minimizing taxes while providing the services residents expect and demand, should be in hearts and minds of the Pima County BOS.

  14. Property taxes are based on property valuation. Those will be some interesting boundary lines to get to a 1/5 division of equitable taxes.
    It still comes down to voting the bas…ds out. A process that has gone too far over the heads of the voters in this county.

  15. Next year the board of supervisors will need to redraw district lines. The lines need to be drawn such that the population and the income and homeownership is as equal for each supervisor as possible. Then each district will elect the best supervisor from each district in a fair and equatable manner. No more poor districts vs the wealthy districts. It shouldn’t be 1/3 or 1/4, taxes need to be as close to 1/5 for each district as possible.

  16. Chris King, this is a god article. Pretty much tells it like it is going to be if the corruption goes on like it has been doing. On a different note, I am left wondering just where are the petitions to get the County Administrator booted out? I, personally, have no idea of how to get one started but it seems like no one else does either. There must be someone that will step forward. I will be one to sign a petition to get the county back on track.

    • The county administrator is appointed by the majority of the board of supervisors. The only way to get a new county administrator is to elect a board majority who will move Pima county forward.

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