Pima Board of Supervisors Little More Than A Death Panel

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Stephanie Pullman died last year after APS shut her electricity off prior to a 107-degree day. The public was outraged over the fact that they shut her power off over a $52 delinquent bill.

The Pima County Board of Supervisors look to impose both primary and secondary property taxes that will far surpass $52 for the average Pima County homeowner. Where is the outrage?

What does that $52 mean to the senior citizen taxpayer that already has to choose between eating and paying utility bills?


Furthermore, what does that mean to the next generation of prospective homeowners in Pima County?

For a sizeable segment, the answer is to move out of Pima County to someplace where the property taxes are lower, the roads are better, and the administration isn’t as corrupt.

Pima County voters will not even be afforded the opportunity to vote on this tax increase as it requires a simple majority vote of the Board of Supervisors as part of the annual budget.

Supervisor Ally Miller proposed a tax neutral budget to the Board of Supervisors on June 4, 2019. Unless her proposal is adopted, the rest of the board is complicit in the pending injuries and potential deaths of Pima County residents.

Taxes are as certain as death in our nation. For a majority of Pima County supervisors, taxes are the only source of revenue for the Board of Supervisors with the exception of one, Ally Miller of District 1. Supervisor Miller’s constituents pay over 1/3 of the property taxes for Pima County, followed by Supervisor Christy’s District 4 which is on the hook for over ¼ of the county bill. This leaves the rest of the county responsible for less than 40% of the funds for the entire county. This is NOT the first time most of us have heard this. Unfortunately, it will not be the last if the county continues to tax the residents to the point of destitution.

If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would think that was part of the plan for Pima County. Tax, tax, tax, and tax some more until you’ve bled the entire county of any type of money, or prosperity that could be the key to our great state. If Pima County continues down this road of tax on tax on tax, there will not be any young people left to earn money and there will not be any senior citizens to spend the money they earned elsewhere. This is not just wrong, this is evil.

Forcing people out of their homes under the power of tax is not what our founders had in mind. We the People MUST put a stop to this and change the voting structure of the Board of Supervisors next year. We must do it before it’s too late and your grandmother, grandfather, or infant child or grandchild end up as Stephanie Pullman did. Dead for not being able to pay the taxman, also known as the Pima County Board of Death.

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Chris King is a veteran, community leader, member of the Pima County GOP Executive Committee. Mr. King is an expert in international security.