Pima County Property Owners, Residents Be Doomed!

Two days before the celebration of our nation’s independence, the Pima County Board of Supervisors showed their contempt for the property owners of the County. In a not so surprising 3-2 vote, they elected to show their lack of empathy for the taxpayers by once again voting to raise property taxes.

The Board of Supervisors could not even agree on less than a 1% budget decrease. Why did they do this you ask? Greed!

After what had been a seemingly productive bipartisan discussion on establishing a property tax neutral budget proposed by Supervisor Ally Miller (District 1), the Board of Supervisors agreed to postpone voting on the final approval of the County budget until the July 2 meeting at the previous meeting in June. This was to further gain information to make educated decisions on the budget to potentially reduce the burden on taxpayers being as the state had not brought their budget into conformity with the federal tax code.

Supervisor Miller had proposed a budget that would have been property tax neutral. While this would have raised portions of the taxes, it would have been offset in other areas of the property tax. The bottom line is taxpayers would not see an overall increase in their property taxes.

After almost an hour of discussion over the budget and additional proposals by Supervisor Miller, the vote was called for and the budget was passed. Supervisor Bronson did attempt to show appreciation through her use of complimentary language toward Supervisor Miller. She thanked Supervisor Miller for the diligent work she’d put into the budget and soundly voted to pass the budget raising taxes across the board.

When the vote was tallied on a 3-2 partisan vote, Chairman Richard Elias displayed the petulance of a toddler who had just got his way in an argument. “3-2 Motion Failed” exclaimed Elias in a denigrating manner.

What tax rate is sufficient to motivate Pima County residents to replace this long-standing board? As the highest taxed county in the state, we are apparently not taxed enough to cause us to change our voting patterns.
Those who can are leaving the County for places with lower tax rates. Those who cannot are stuck trying to eek out a living under the tyranny of the majority of the Pima Board of Supervisors.

Instead of advocating for the citizens and taxpayers of Pima County, the Board of Supervisors showed their greed again today and did not hesitate with pesky things like facts and figures. Chairman Elias made his contempt blatantly known in this area. When asked to wait for information to make a more educated decision on the budget, he purported that he didn’t need to. Here we see feelings taking precedence over facts and figures.

It is a shame that we live in one of the most prosperous states in the nation only to live under the tyranny of the majority with the Pima County Board of Supervisors and cannot grow our economy because of feelings and partisan politics. Maybe someday, people will grow tired of the carrots being dangled and demand their elected representatives do the jobs they were elected to do.