Former Congressman Assails Woman, Threatens Constituent

Ann Kirkpatrick staffer Ron Barber tries to suppress filming at public event

ron barber ann kirkpatrick ruben gallego
Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick with former Rep. Ron Barber, who now serves as her district director, stand with Rep. Ruben Gallego in happier times. [Photo from Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick’s official congressional Facebook page]

On a cool October morning, I had looked forward to attending the Congress on the Corner event hosted by Representative Ann Kirkpatrick since she is supposed to represent my portion of Arizona. Little did I know that I would witness a former congressman, Ron Barber, assail a distraught bystander and then aim his anger towards me.

Under a heavy police presence at around 9:00 a.m. this past Saturday, a woman on her way to do her shopping at the Safeway located at 9460 E. Golf Links Rd. became agitated when she saw people protesting against Proposition 205.

The unidentified woman asked for the store manager and threatened to “never shop here again” to people gathered for the Kirkpatrick event and merely shopping. Barber, who appeared to be panicked by the woman’s complaint, attempted to diffuse the situation but only made it worse.

I accidentally slipped and stopped the recording on the first video and restarted it almost immediately. In the video you can hear Rep Barber tell the woman “calm down.” Unfortunately, his patronizing statement and panicked delivery inflamed the situation.

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After being asked by the woman several times to leave her alone, Barber channeled his raised adrenaline level at me. With cane in hand, he came over to me and demanded to know who I was. He demanded to know if I was “a tracker,” who I worked for, and who I represented in an aggressively rapid fashion.

Barber advised me the event, funded by taxpayer dollars, was on private property. He warned me that if I recorded any part of the “private” event held in public, funded by the public’s money, I would be removed from the premises.

Barber then proceeded to instruct one of Tucson’s under supported police officers to remove me if I recorded anything.

The public was invited through social media to attend the publicly-funded event.

The aggressive posture and language Rep. Barber used with me was both extremely unsettling and unbecoming of a former elected representative especially since I am a constituent of CD 2, LD 10, and District 4 where the event was held.

Kirkpatrick’s official congressional event drew a meager crowd of around 50 people, and I think I’m being generous as there was a significant number of staff on the premises.

On the flip side, there were approximately 10-15 people who were waving American flags and conducting a sign wave against Tucson’s Sanctuary City ballot measure, Proposition 205. There were some supporters of President Trump who tried to take the opportunity to discuss issues with Rep Kirkpatrick. It is unknown if they were able to as I left before the event was over.

Legislative District 10 Representative Domingo DeGrazia, Kirkpatrick assistant “Billy”, and Tucson City Council candidate Nikki Lee all came over and introduced themselves to me in a polite and generally friendly manner. Maybe they can give former Rep Barber some lessons in how to be a decent human being. #NoMeansNo #HandsToYourselfRon #MannersMatter

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Chris King is a veteran, community leader, member of the Pima County GOP Executive Committee. Mr. King is an expert in international security.


  1. Barber got mad at my sign “Bill Clinton is a rapist” once during the 2016 election build-up.

    He angrily says, “No, he’s not” and I replied “Yes, he is” and this repeated a few times. There was a chain link fence between us so he couldn’t physically attack.

  2. In this day everyone I know understand how to read reviews. The first 2 sentence’s being considerate in 2 will tell the tell to go further in spending time. After the genius tRump yea got it moving on then the dumbocrate flooring the gas. All my kids grew up here educated Flowing Wells 3 graduated UofA 2 University of Phoenix. All moved where the standard of living was considered in asking for involvement not cherry picking the exception as reason.

  3. Speaking of following a party’s “choreographed dance steps” instead of facing some hard facts, check this out: Mr. tRump’s favorite bank is Deutsche Bank, which has loaned him and his businesses $20 billion over two decades, the latest — during his presidency in 2017 — being $130 million. Despite numerous defaults. Deutsche Bank has been subpoenaed by the House investigating “suspicious transactions” with companies controlled by the president and his son-in-law and White House confidant Jared Kushner. tRump has sued to prevent Deusche Bank from testifying and producing records. Why?

    Deutsche Bank is known as “the global laundromat” laundering money for Russia and for Latin American drug cartels. They have paid billions of dollars in fines for their behavior and one senior official committed suicide a few years ago. They are being criminally investigated. The way drug money laundering works is the bank gets it in cash, usually well-wrapped and deodorized to get any lingering cocaine smell out. They then lend it for hard-to-track projects like real estate development, resorts and casinos — the core of tRump’s businesses. Don’t take my word for it; check it out for yourselves: The Guardian (London), Reuters, New York Times, 100 Reporters, Drug Enforcement Administration, Business News…and plenty more online.

    Sure, Barber was a jerk and should apologize, but compared to possible White House drug cartel connections via Deutsche Bank….

    • Mr. Lannon you, mentioned before that people should be kind to one another and not call others names. Did you mean everyone except you? If you want respect then you should show the same to others.

      • Let’s make a deal: All commenters of all persuasions stop name-calling. I won’t call Barber a jerk and others won’t use terms like “uninformed sheeple,” “democrap,” “dumb idiot,” “hooligan thug,” or “common goon,” just referring to the comments on this article. Fair enough? The facts generally speak for themselves.

        • Mr. Lannon, yes facts do speak for themselves. So you are saying that you will start acting respectfully when everyone else does? I do believe, sir, that is how this world got to where it is today. I don’t suppose you’ve ever heard of turning the other cheek, no?

  4. I attended the Trump rally and against Prop 205 . When I walked towards the Safeway entrance some woman said, oh my God there is another one with a sign and she got kind a mad , because I walked behind the Angel Grandma . Some of the KIRKPATRICK supporters are nasty.

  5. “Barber advised me the event, funded by taxpayer dollars, was on private property. He warned me that if I recorded any part of the “private” event held in public, funded by the public’s money, I would be removed from the premises.” So since it was at a safeway just like the princess had, I guess she is on the hook for all damages, right?

    How can you stop someone from filming anything on “private” public property using tax dollars to send out your BS message be reason to arrest/remove someone. I guess barber forgot he was a person on the public dole for how any years and now has a PUBLIC pension as well. Amazing that the democraps actually think they are the rulers of the land all the time.

    • Karen, are you Joseph Morgan’s Treasurer?
      It’s hard to get to know JM when he won’t answer simple vetting questions like why he still lives with his Mom at almost 40 years of age, why he doesn’t own a gun, details about where he has worked and for how long, and why he disagrees with a unanimous Arizona Supreme Court Decision that said Tucson didn’t have the right to destroy guns from their gun buyback scheme.

  6. That narrative of Republicans & Democrats alike.

    Civility means go along with party in power. If you stand for self, neighborhood , community then your not right.

    I am sick of both parties.

    • Can you tell me when was the last time a Republican threatened people?
      I know a man was beaten on a Tucson street for wearing a maga cap.
      I know a couple years back a Democrat supporter shot a Republican senator at a ball game. That’s just a couple.
      Now tell me when a Republican or Trump supporter beat a Democrat citizen,
      Oh yeah, in 2016 when Trump beat Hillary.

  7. Since Barber was the only one acting like a jerk, with other “polite and generally friendly,” how does that taint all the Dimocrats? Bullies are bullies and should be held to account, from the Tucson Weakly editor’s regular attacks on ADI’s publisher to the Bully-in-Chief in Washington trying daily to muzzle the media and fire the critics he hired in the first place. And doesn’t some of the rants by anonymous — in my mind therefor gutless — commenters qualify as bullying?

    • Tell me why nice and polite people are bullied because they voted Republican, electing Trump President. Hatred for him taints all Republican citizens.
      Media ignores news stories because they are Trump supporters or just republicans. Now you answer me that. Why aren’t Democrat bullies being held to account? As they refuse service to republicans, harass them and give out their phone numbers and addresses, being told to push them down.
      Answer me that.

  8. if PROP 205 passes the CITIZENS of Tucson will soon find out in their HIGHER PROPERTY TAXES needed when FEDERAL FUNDING DRIES UP

    UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES of LEFT need to be reined in

    • When that happens we will have to sell and move to another state. We will not be able to afford living here, and most certainly to a Red state.

  9. Barber is a sick person. The way he kept approaching the woman is clear intimidation, a predator. He should be arrested and charged.

    But since it’s now open assault season on political rivals by Democrats in Tucson, he’ll probably be praised.

    • It’s disgusting that way the Democrats in Tucson act. I hope you all saw the article about the trial regarding Brito and Sparks. Watch out Tucson, Joel Fienman could very well be your next County Attorney!!

  10. The true face of the modern day Democratic party filled with endless rage and rabid hate. Apparently the ends do justify the means no matter the cost when seeking absolute power over the masses.
    This is face of your voice, your representation in Washington. While we criticize Nazi brown shirt thugs, based on Mr. Barbers actions one must reflect if they acted with greater civility?
    The job of a US representative in Congress is to represent the people, the concerns and the wishes of the home district on a national level in Washington DC.
    One doesn’t have to ponder too hard to see that Ann doesn’t exactly give a shit about anyone outside of her herself, her staff and any useful idiot dumb enough to follow her lead and blindly follow the parties choreographed dance steps.
    Sadly if Ann continues to allow and tolerate the less then honorable Ron Barber to publicly act out as a common goon, a hooligan thug threatening her constituents, it doesn’t exactly bolster her job fulfillment on the representation of those same people.
    Ann should step up and publicly appoligize for the outlandish, unjustifiable and unprofessional behavior of her staff. The self disgraced Barber should be terminated immediately.

    The Oracle

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