Boyles Lets Civility Slide By

It is time to look at a blog by Mr. David Boyles, a rhetorical writer who authored which many a person would call a “hit piece,” but it is exactly along the lines of his description of “rhetorical writing.”

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Over the months many groups have had a constant cry of “civility” but as Mr. Boyles has written he does not miss the target! Some may even say he didn’t spare the rod throughout his conversation as he specifically points out and calls  Mr. Weinberg:

● A clown, troll, life long dork, bigot, but extremely light on support.

In his article, Mr. Boyles neglects to elaborate the why-for’s other than his opinion.  Then he proceeds to attack two others by innuendo and even misrepresents the Classroom Code of Ethics efforts when he claims that it seeks to prohibit free speech and educators’ ability to organize.  He also fails to cite any evidence to support his “facts.”

Catherine Barrett is an Arizona Governor’s Master Teacher and currently Chair of  Classroom Code of Ethics For Public Schools K-12. You can find her on Twitter @ReadersLeadPD, and on Facebook at Yes4Ethics

The Classroom Code of Ethics is a campaign which supports teachers and defends children’s right to not be bullied by peers, administration and faculty through political indoctrination masquerading as a learning experience.  In many circles the labels are humorous and even considered helpful.

In closing, I might add that Mr. Weinberg, with no doubt, made a mistake and it wasn’t a little one.  His actions are what we see as taxpayers on a day-to-day basis from our Federal government.  Being first out with a message that is incorrect is just as bad as ignoring a situation to just get by.  One could also cite our three-year public relations saga of collusion by the President only to be found with documented testimony it was incorrect.  I have also noted not one of the charging officials has resigned or apologized, or quit, Mr. Weinberg did.

Background on the author, Mr. Boyles:  Found Here



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Catherine Barrett is an Arizona educator and chair of the Classroom Code of Ethics organization.