Black Arizona Legislator Draws Criticism After Calling Black Lives Matter ‘Terrorist’ Group

White "Leaders" Denounce Blackman For Speaking His Truth

Arizona State Representative Walt Blackman

PHOENIX – Arizona State Rep. Walt Blackman, who is the first black Republican elected to the Arizona Legislature, is under attack for expressing an unpopular opinion of the group Black Lives Matter. Mostly white representatives pounced on Blackman for describing the group as a “terrorist organization.”

Rep. Blackman initially denounced the Black Lives Matter movement on KFYI’s “Conservative Circus” hosted by the “conservative black beautiful man,” James T. Harris.” The two men discussed the fact that the group had been taken over by white left-wing “anti-fascists.”

Rep. Blackman took shots for questioning how George Floyd, who was murdered on May 25 by a police officer, was being described as a “saint,” in a video he posted to Facebook, titled: “I DO NOT support George Floyd and I refuse to see him as a martyr. But I hope his family receives justice.”

The American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona, which was founded to protect the First amendment, denounced Blackman saying it would “not affiliate with someone who does not share our values of uplifting marginalized communities and rooting out racism.” While it is unclear if Blackman does not share the organization’s values, as a veteran he has spent his adult life protecting marginalized communities and rooting out racists structures and has been a staunch advocate for criminal justice reform.

While the ACLU was quick to denounce the first and only black Republican in the Arizona House of Representatives for daring to utter unpopular speech, the organization’s recent fundraiser at the ritzy Heard Museum was attended by mostly by people considered privileged. [Photo via Facebook]

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