Trial Date Set For Man Cited Or Arrested 5 Times In 5 Days By Sierra Vista Cops

Ronald James Tercero Jr. [Photo courtesy Cochise County Sheriff’s Office]

A Sierra Vista man will be back court next month after he was cited or arrested by police five times in five days in July, culminating in an assault and auto theft incident that was thwarted by good Samaritans outside a local grocery store.

Ronald James Tercero Jr. remains in the Cochise County jail on $15,000 bail for charges of robbery, resisting arrest, assault, and theft of means of transportation. The incident occurred July 10 at the Safeway in Sierra Vista.

At the time, Tercero was on supervised probation for a 2017 extreme DUI conviction.

Tercero, 37, is scheduled for a Sept. 25 pretrial conference in Cochise County Superior Court leading up to a Dec. 7 jury trial. He is also set for a review hearing next month on two petitions which seek revocation of Tercero’s probation in the DUI case, which involved a blood alcohol concentration of .20 or more. Revocation could lead to a sentence of incarceration.

In the meantime, Tercero has four misdemeanor cases pending in Sierra Vista Justice Court from four citations issued by four different Sierra Vista police officers between July 6 and July 10. Cochise County Attorney Brian McIntyre says for now all of the cases are being treated separately.

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Public records show Tercero was cited July 6 for obstruction of a public roadway. The same day another SVPD officer cited Tercero for theft by shoplifting and liquor consumption in public.

Then July 8, another SVPD officer cited Tercero again for obstruction of a public roadway. The next day, a different officer issued Tercero a citation for simple assault.

Tercero was not taken into custody for any of those offenses. Instead, he was provided an order to appear in court on a future date.

But Tercero was booked into the county jail July 10 after he allegedly assaulted a man outside the grocery store. Witnesses told officers Tercero got into the man’s vehicle and tried to drive away. He was stopped by passersby and was arrested a short time later based on witness descriptions.

Tercero faces several years of incarceration if convicted of all charges in his five pending cases. Any sentences in those cases could be impacted by what a judge decides to do with the old DUI case.

That’s because Tercero previously ran afoul with conditions of his probation on the DUI. In 2019, his probation end date was extended to February 2022 after Tercero consumed alcohol in violation of a court order and was directed to enter a treatment facility.

Then in January, the probation department asked the court to implement a deferred incarceration sanction in the DUI case. That was followed in July by two petitions for revocation –one filed before the July 10 incident at Safeway and one after.