2020 Mercedes C300 Cabriolet

2020 Mercedes C300 Cabriolet

When you look at automobile brands around the world, Mercedes is one brand that has always meant luxury, quality, status and high expectations. Mercedes continues to live up to its name with the 2020 Mercedes C300 Cabriolet.


There were quite a few highlights of driving this beautiful car for a week. The dark blue exterior and shape with the white leather interior make this one sexy machine that gets a lot of attention. I rarely use the term sexy to describe an automobile so you know this car got a lot of compliments. It’s fun to drive and has good acceleration and handling as one would expect from Mercedes. There are a lot of personal customization options and it takes time to figure out all the functionality of the vehicle but there are many settings for you to explore. The HD camera is the best I have seen as far as clarity is concerned, especially at night.
Driving with the top down feels amazing. It has finally cooled down enough in Phoenix  at night to drop the top. It’s easy and fast to raise and lower the top which will encourage you to do so more often.

Driver Experience

The C300 Convertible offers a comfortable driving experience. It might be one of the plushest rides in its class.  The Cabriolet handles bumps with ease, and the cabin is well insulated from outside wind and road noise. Drivers have a selection of four driving modes, which are Comfort, Eco, Sport, and the Sport+.

These modes help to enhance the driving experience for different conditions. For those looking for a tame ride, the Eco, and Comfort offer the tamest experience. For better steering response and agility, drivers can choose between the Sport and Sport+ modes. The C300 Cabriolet comes with standard rear-wheel drive and optional all-wheel drive.

The acceleration feels great in Sport and Sport+ but even in Eco mode the acceleration was smooth and steady.. The C300 delivers on handling and cornering capabilities as well. Mercedes lives up to its reputation on the driving experience.


When it comes to interior design, the C300 Cabriolet does not disappoint. It feels ritzy and is comparable to the costlier S-Class cars. In general, the C-Class sets the standard for luxury design in a small-car-cabin. It features several cool touches such as an analog clock on the center stack, flip switches for climate control, and retro-looking air vents.

All materials used in the interior feel soft to the touch, and they are of high quality. To enhance the feeling of luxury, the designers of the cabin used wood and aluminum trim. For the upholstery, Mercedes went with synthetic leather that covers parts of the dashboard and side armrests. There is also an option to upgrade to real and more luxurious Nappa leather. My test vehicle had beautiful Porcelain leather and I highly recommend it.


The exterior has  a sporty styling that is similar to the rest of the range. It comes with 18-inch alloy wheels standard. My test version came with 19 in AMG Multispoke wheels. The LED exterior lighting as well as LED daytime running lights are a great addition.

One thing that sets the C300 Cabriolet apart from the other cars in its class is the powered soft top. The soft top comes in Dark Blue, Black, Dark Brown, or Red to match or contrast the body color. Another notable difference from other C-Class cars is the diamond-block grille. It features a single horizontal bar that supports the Mercedes logo instead of two. Overall, the C300 exterior is sleek and sporty. It’s hassle free and takes hardly any time to drop the top for some fun and then put it back up again.

Engine / Powertrain

Under the hood, the C300 comes with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that can deliver 255 HP and 273 lb/ft of torque. The engine is coupled to a nine-speed automatic transmission that delivers power to the rear wheels or all four. It is capable of pushing the C300 Convertible from 0 to 60MPH in just 6.1 seconds.


The C-Class is a leader when it comes to the number of standard and advanced safety features. In the Cabriolet, you get the standard forward-collision warning, pedestrian detection, automatic emergency braking, driver attention monitoring, blind spot monitoring, crosswind assist, and pedestrian detection. You will also get the Mercedes Pre-Safe, which prepares the vehicle for an imminent collision by shutting windows and tightening the seatbelts. Optional features include adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, automated parking assist, lane-keeping assist, rear cross-traffic alert, and many others.


The 2020 C300 Cabriolet is a strong contender for the best luxury small car segment. It is a car that you will look forward to driving each time you are in the driver’s seat. Once you put the top down and cruise on the highway, it will be hard to not drive away with this car. The MSRP and as tested price of this car is in my opinion quite low for the overall value that Mercedes delivers.


MSRP  $53, 950
As Tested $63,985