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Western Screech Owl

The Western Screech Owl (Otus kennicotti) breeds throughout the western U.S., from southern Canada to Baja California, and other parts…

When Arizona was at the South Pole

A Brief Geologic History of Arizona Chapter 1 Precambrian time Introduction to this series: The geology of Arizona is complex….

Barn Owls

A Barn owl (Tyto alba) is a denizen of the night who stalks his prey by sound and stealth. He…

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Rock Salt Deposits of Arizona

Arizona has several large rock salt deposits (see story from AZcentral  about a large salt mine in Glendale). Salt is…

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The Gold of Cañada del Oro

Could the offices of the Arizona Daily Independent in Oro Valley be sitting on a gold mine? Oro Valley lies…

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Jaguars and junk science

Last August, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) proposed to designate 838,232 acres in southeastern Arizona and southwestern New…