McSally: “Everyone Is Doing Their Part Except Congress,” Calls For Unemployment Benefit Expansion

"Everyone is doing their part... except Congress"

WASHINGTON D.C. – Arizonans will lose their expanded unemployment benefits on Saturday as a result of the failure of Congress to pass a stimulus package this week. On Thursday, Sen. Martha McSally urged her colleagues to do their job, and pass a seven-day extension of those expanded benefits.

McSally said she didn’t know what the details of the stimulus package would ultimately be, but she did know “that Congress needs to do their job and to prevent this desperately needed extra lifeline from fully expiring.”

“In this uncertain time everyone is doing the best they can to make ends meet, to help each other, to help our neighbors, to stay safe. Everyone that is, except Congress,” she said. “Americans, who have lost their livelihoods out of no fault of their own due to this cruel virus, should not be collateral damage of political maneuvering.”

“I’m asking Senators to simply extend expanded unemployment benefits for seven days while Congress comes up with a solution,” McSally said. “With the first of August approaching, Americans out of work are counting on us for cash so they can pay their rent and put food on the table for their families.”

Also on Thursday, during a heated press conference, Governor Doug Ducey called on Congress to take action. “We don’t print money at the state level,” Ducey told reporters. “We’re not in a position today, especially during a pandemic, to be borrowing money. Right now, in this economy, we need Congress to do its part.”

Updated July 31 6:05 a.m.