Fann Chooses Townsend To Chair Government Committee To Steer Key Elections Reforms

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On Monday, Arizona Senate President Karen Fann announced numerous changes in committee assignments including the appointment of Sen. Kelly Townsend as chair of the Government Committee.

“Senator Kelly Townsend will serve as Chair of the Government Committee, with Senator Sonny Borrelli fulfilling the duties of Vice Chair. With her extensive background in government and elections related legislation Senator Townsend will provide continuity to this committee,” said Fann.

Fann also appointed Borrelli to the Appropriations Committee.

“I am grateful to Senate President Fann for appointing me as the chair of the Government Committee. It is my intention to work collaboratively with all members to get solid election reform passed,” said Townsend. “I am looking for legislation that ensures that Arizonans can have confidence in the voting system. I look forward to passing common sense bills through the committee that benefit this state and we’ll be getting to work right away with stakeholders’ meetings and touring the County Recorder’s offices to continue to learn about current election procedures.”

“With it being already November 1st, it is crunch time and we cannot lose another day when it comes to election reform. I pledge open communication with the public and with my colleagues to get this done,” concluded Townsend.

The Legislature has seen a number of seats open up for a variety of reasons the past several months.

Democratic Senator Raquel Teran moved from the House to replace Sen. Navarette, who resigned in disgrace after being indicted on multiple counts of child molestation. Democratic Rep. Stephanie Stahl Hamilton moved to the Senate to fill a vacant seat left by the resignation of Sen. Kirsten Engel, who resigned to run for Congress.

Last week, the Pinal County Board of Supervisors appointed Neal Carter and Teresa Martinez to the Arizona House of Representatives. The appointments of Carter and Martinez were made to fill the vacancies created by the recent passing of Representative Frank Pratt of Legislative District 8, and the resignation of Representative Bret Roberts in Legislative District 11.

Martinez was sworn into office today.

Fann appointed Teran to the Health and Human Services, Commerce, and Appropriations committees.
Fann has appointed Stahl Hamilton to the Finance, Judiciary, Natural Resources, Energy and Water, and Ethics committees.

“I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Senators Stahl Hamilton and Teran to the Senate family and look forward to working together in the upcoming legislative session,” said Fann.

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