Yuma Sector Border Patrol Agents Intercept Drone Carrying Heroin

drug drone
The payload the drone was carrying had a GPS tracker inside of it. [Photos courtesy CBP]
On Friday night, Border Patrol’s Yuma Sector  Counter Drone Team seized a small drone carrying six and a half pounds of heroin over the border.
According to Border Patrol, the drone not only had the heroin, but it had a GPS tracker inside of it. Agents took the drone and its payload to Yuma Station for processing.
Border Patrol says packages of hard narcotics are often equipped with trackers to allow smugglers waiting on the northern side of the border to easily locate the packages after they are dropped.
Friday’s incursion is the third drone interception of the year for the Yuma Sector Counter Drone Team, with previous encounters resulting in the seizure of over four pounds of methamphetamine.
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